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First of all, you guys should know that I have 4t5b expiring right now. Also all content completed (not explored) except for Variant 1 and Abyss. I have only explored Act 5 and 7.1. Not planning on doing Abyss

Should I r2 Dragon Man (because dragon man's great, and i need to use up t5b) or r5 Sym Supreme (idk abt this) or r5 Magik (I may use her in wars, etc.)
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  • Fear_of_Clowns2099Fear_of_Clowns2099 Posts: 892 ★★★
    Crcrcrc said:

    Sym if you're planning for Abyss, DM if not imo

    Yeah, I have 0 plans to Abyss in the near future. Gonna edit my post above. Thanks!
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    Dragon Man Easily
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    Magik, best power control in game.
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    Magik and Dragon Man, though it’s tough to chose between. Might just say Dragon Man because as a 6* he’ll last you longer, plus adrenaline is nice
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    If you do P3 or higher war, Magik is a good investment. Otherwise, DM. If you dont plan on abyss.
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    I've never used DM so I can't speak to that. I love Magik and I have mine at R5. I use her but I don't need her. Sym Supreme is so good for the fights in which you need him. I'd go Sym Supreme over Magik
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    Magik has better utility and is not matchup dependent so I'll go for magik
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    Magik isn’t available as a 6* and if you want to tackle Variant 1, she’s excellent for it. Doesn’t hurt to have a ranked up magik.

    Like others have said, Sym Supreme if you want to do the Abyss

    Dragon Man if you enjoy using him and want to use up more resources.
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    Magik, hands down.
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