Does anyone know approx. How much energy is required to 100% Uncollected EQ

HoitadoHoitado Posts: 1,367 ★★★★
Per the title


  • VedisukeVedisuke Posts: 85
    CV = 19
    NC = 19
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 1,550 ★★★★
    Somewhere between three and a million
  • RDMNRDMN Posts: 269 ★★
    Aarkus said:

    At least 10 energy

  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 12,198 Guardian
    Back when people used to keep track of such things, I think the energy to complete one of the higher difficulties was in the neighborhood of 1400-1500 energy, but I haven't measured this recently.
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 1,780 ★★★★
    it takes approximately 1600 energy give or take depending on if you double up a path in the second chapter whereas it would add to it. but typically 1600 energy to fully explore.
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