CRASH RECOVERY = Forced Autofight

The Crash Recovery system allows you to pick up the fight you were in when your app crashed, or network connectivity lost.

When the Crash Recovery initiates:

Fight Starts >> AutoFight light is OFF, however AutoFight AI is ON.
Toggle AutoFight 1 >> AutoFight light turns ON, AutoFight remains ON.
Toggle AutoFight 2 >> AutoFight light turns OFF, AutoFight AI turns OFF.

To disable the AutoFight, I have to toggle the AutoFight button twice. Once to turn the light on, a second time to turn the light off.

By this point, of course, the champs are charging each other and I may already start taking a combo to the face.


  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 160
    Ye, I get that too. I find if I exit the game and go back again it has gone but obviously big mess over one fight.
  • MesutSanchezMesutSanchez Posts: 5
    yep, same issue here.
  • Did this just start happening with the latest update? I've had to recover fights before in arena and it never turned autofight on.
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