The parting words from a sincere player

Well basically let me cut to the chase and DISCLAIMER: This might get a BIT cheesy!

I am Spirit. A rather moderate player with about medium to low skills in the game. I basically joined the game in around May 20th or around that time. While this might sound a bit uncanny but I immediately fell in Love. I fell in Love with the concept of this game, its designing and mechanics. I could have sworn that I had NEVER seen a better mobile MMO game in my life (atleast for me)!!

But in every love story there needs to be a villain, and the villain here was the bugs and miscommunication. I had watched and suffered the effects of various bugs and crashes while the company mostly remained unresponsive for a LONG LONG time (eg.- Android Apocalypse) or acknowledged the fact but came up with late or insufficient answers (eg.- Vision problem and 5 star punisher mismatch).

Plus with the current update the issues like slow/fast frame rates, crashing + freezing, specials not firing etc. has made the game unplayable. I ended up taking more stress during my usual session of AQ and AW than from my work-load (LoL)!!
And so I have decided to bid this game fare thee well!!

As such I can not provide any constructive inputs except for maybe that at Kabam, you should probably try and increase your staff. There is only very little that a few men can do!!

All in all I wish this company all the very best for its future endeavors and hope that Summoners continue to have a blast of a time with this GEM of a game!

--Spirit (trying to imitate Dr. Zola :p )


  • vrtovrto Posts: 218 Content Creator
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    Here is the thing, you can play this game with passion and in a healthy way, you just need to give up on “win all I can”. First step is giving up of AQ other than Map 2 and 3, that kills the schedule and duties need, and getting bored of fighting same thing every 5 days a week, for months...

    I would bring you to Sangri-la to experience it but if you did join on May only there is a low chance you have a roster to fight at top 100 on AW, and if you can’t fight on our wars, even if these are optional too, then it would be hard for you to be happy. Good luck!
  • Nexus_UY_ScutiNexus_UY_Scuti Posts: 480 ★★
    Erm, they already fixed the bugs that you have mentioned, and gave compensations.

    My suggestion, if you ever come back, is not to take this game too seriously.

    At the end of they day, it is just a game. If the specials are not firing, bring it up in the forums, let Kabam work on the fix, enjoy the finer things in life away from the game while they fix it, then come back once it is done. Don't really have to play it everyday.
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