Is Moon Knight strong champ? Do you like him?

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I've got him in 5*. Which rank is he worth to rank up (unduped)?

Is Moon Knight strong champ? Do you like him? 24 votes

I like him.
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I don't like him.
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  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 2,783 ★★★★
    I like him.
    Moon Knight is generally good all round; and once a month during the full moon, he totally kicks ass. During full moon, I get regular strings of attacks with stun lock. He's less overwhelming the rest of the time.

    He constantly re-procs bleed which doesn't stack; but has tons of health, so works fairly well with Deep Wounds, but may not gain the full benefit of longer bleeds as they don't stack.

    Whether he's good enough to rank up largely depends on what your options are, and what team you're building.
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