Which mutant should rank 5?

Old man logan

All duped


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    Wolverine. Or Magneto since he can tank SP3, and thus can replace Iceman, so he's basically Iceman from what i read.
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    Magneto Red or White?
  • Wolverine.
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    Only one is Wolverine. Magneto is ONLY good for synergy and AW. Wolverine will help you clear content. His heal is massive. I have X23 and she’s nearly as good but would rather have Wolverine.
  • Wolverine, go ahead and sell OML.
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 1,152
    Wolverine, go ahead and sell OML.

    Don't sell any 4 stars!
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    Oke thanks guys, btw magneto marvel now
  • Ton_TonTon_Ton Posts: 50
    Its confusing between wolvie or x 23
    Both of them are very good
  • Between the two, it's up to you. X23 is stronger and deals more bleed damage but og wolverine has a stronger heal. Depends on what your play style is
  • Wolverine is not useless without recovery mastery jeez.
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    Wolverine will save you units in the long run. He's an AQ mvp. Him and ultron are great money savers. Magneto is nowhere close to iceman btw...not in any way shape or form...not in a hat or near a cat...not in any meaningful manner....No!...lol..
    X23 is great too. Her attack is great but her regen just isn't the same. Nice to have but lacking compared to OG wolverine. Best of luck.
    Also not sure what sig your wolverine is. His regen really starts to ramp up around sig 30 or higher.
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    Thanks guys
  • danielmath wrote: »
    Wolverine, go ahead and sell OML.

    Don't sell any 4 stars!

    Don't sell any, even 2 stars. You only cripple yourself when you do.
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    If you want more regen then Wolverine. If you want more damage X-23
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  • X23 has better regen and better bleed than wolvie. X23 no brainer. I have her as a 5* and she is beast.
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    X-23 because of better bleed and regen.
  • X23 does not have better regen then wolverine. Maybe they're roughly the same if wolverine isn't duped.

    My advice is if you have a strong Regen champ, voodoo, Ultron, etc. Then go X-23. If you're aq or aw team needs more backbone than raw damage that's the only situation you'd want to go with Wolvie over 23.

    Again remember, don't use those special attacks if you want the Regen to be useful. And recovery while not vital does make a huge difference.
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    Vision_41 how could you think X23 has better regen than Wolvie.
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    I have 5/5 4* X-23 unduped and I find her Regen slightly unreliable. Is her awakening mostly an offensive buff or does her Regen get any better ??
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