Autoplay feature

Please consider adding a "Path Plan" at the start of Autoplay. Thanks


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,148 Guardian
    That would be great.

    Or at least let the AI choose paths based on explored/unexplored status, then by if there are any items on path (revives higher priority, heals next priority).
    And then if all else equal, it would just pick one randomly for you.

    So if a portal/branch has 3 options, and you have already explored 2 of those, it would automatically take the remaining (unexplored) path.

    And if multiple unexplored (or if full 100% Explored already) it would automatically choose a path that could pick up a revive or heal along it.

    Or otherwise would randomly take a path if none of above apply.
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