If you are looking for a Xiaomi device, this video is for you.

JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 271 ★★

Android 11
Redmi note 9s
6gb RAM
Snapdragon 720,
MIUI global 12.0.2


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    Everyone has lag
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    Android lol
  • JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 271 ★★
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    Everyone has lag

    In fact I try to say that it works for MCOC, I have played with other devices and they crashes vs Vision, the video is recorded at 30fps, maybe for that that pauses, but originally I don't have any problem with this fight.
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    I'm playing on a Xiaomi Mi Lite 10g, which is another one of their budget options; and I'm not having any trouble.

    Aarkus, Mordo, Darkhawk...

    Maybe look at what other programs you're running?
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    Yeah the game works pretty good on xiaomi devices. I myself use one, and don't face major issues, except for the common bugs that others face.
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