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My Buff ideia for Thor (Classic)

RebarkRebark Posts: 90
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Sig Hab
Fury = 494.6 600 (New)
Time 4.5s 8s (New)
Armor Break:
Stacks 2 => 3 (New)
Potency: 494.66 to 4360.89 => 400 to 3.400 (New)
Time: 7.5s => 10s (New)
Armor Reduction Potencial 8.720 => 10.200 (New)

(New!) Increase Energy Resistence by 125 to 1250

HP: 34.751 => 31.751 (New)
ATK: 2482 => 2450 (New)
Crit Rate: 400 => 650 (New)
Crit Damage: 525 => 705 (New)
Armor: 342 => 350 (New)
Block Proficiency 3150 => 3500 (New)
Energy Resistence 0 => 1250 (New)
Prestige: 7093 to 9778 => 7300 to 10.150 (New)
All Attacks:
Fury: 10 => 15% (New)
Attack 868.7 => 900 (New)
Time: 6.5s => 8s (New)

(New) Thor can refreash all Shocks debuffs at the cost of 1 armor break
Armor Pen: 110.53 for each Armor Breaking => 80 for each Armor Breaking
Armor Pen Potencial: 221.06 => 240 (New)
Shock Resistence: 40% => 70% (New)

(New) Apply a Shock Debuff, dealing 30% of Thor Attack as Energy Damage for 8s
70% Chance to Stun for 3s (Same)
(New) Apply a Shock Debuff, dealing 50% of Thor Attack as Energy Damage for 10s
85% Chance to Stun for 4s (Same)
(New) Apply a Shock Debuff, dealing 70% of Thor Attack as Energy Damage for 12s
(New) Thor go into God of Thunder mode and all attacks inflict a 20% extra energy damage.
100% Chance to Stun for 4.5s (Same)

Sorry if i made any mistakes, english is not my native language, but i believe that these changes can make Thor a more interesting champion by keeping its mechanics simple for beginning players and at the same time giving other possibilities to the champion.

My Buff ideia for Thor (Classic) 17 votes

I Liked It, But i would Change...
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Very Good
TendersquadGeralt_123Katzer 3 votes
I Dont think Thor needs change
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Another Buff Thread, Here we go again...
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  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,546 ★★★★★
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    I Liked It, But i would Change...
    Some nice ideas for a numbers change. I'd say, go bigger: those Shocks should be 150% or 200% of his Attack, not 30%. Also, you didn't put any more detail on the God of Thunder mode - how long for? Does it do anything else like give Energy resistance, stacks of Fury or anything?

    Finally, I think you may have missed out his Sig ability - what's the plan there? Stay the same?

    Just for the future, this sort of thing should normally go in the Suggestions and Requests thread, not General Discussion.

    If you're interested in a buff for Thor (and who isn't?) take a look at mine; and feel free to leave feedback - https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/263096/thor-tune-up
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