Can’t get infinite streak on 4/5/6 basic arena

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I can’t figure out these new arenas.
Fights 1-7. 5*r1
Fights 8-10. 5*r2 or R3
Fights 11-16. 5*r5 & r4
Please advise what I’m doing wrong
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    That same pattern was working for me, idk why it's not working for you. I actually did 5*R1 until 10, 5* R2-R3s until 14 and then 5* R4-R5s the rest of the way (as well as 6* of course).
  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 128
    I’ll try that. Thanx
  • To know what's going wrong, you have to say what is going wrong (and at what point).

    Ate you struggling between 8-10 ? Might need to do some “unbalanced” teams (until you want to commit to your top couple ranks worth).

    Are you struggling from there on with top couple ranks worth (beatable Thanos/Kang teams, but have to avoid getting wholloped by high SP attacks (especially avoid letting them get to SP3).

    Are you dropping down too far, too fast, in team rating right after 15 (have to ease your way gradually lower after that, a good team at streak above 20 might not be high enough for ones around 16/17/18)

    And they really shouldn’t be any different from what top arena (6* available) had been in the past.
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    For me personally, it depends on the arena. If it's an arena where I can use 5* or 6*, I just start with my most powerful 4* and work my way down my roster till multiplier is 3x, then I switch to using my most powerful 5* or 6* or both. I play till my streak gets to 13 or 14 then let my players refresh. After that, the streak lasts for me.

    If its arena where I can only use 4*, I start with my weakest 4* and work my way up my roster till the streak gets to 3x then i work my way down my roster. Again, this is how i do it and it's always worked for me.
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    10-14 Sandbag. 15-18 highest. Then Infinite is no less than X Total PI.
  • RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 128
    @SummonerNR things get wobbly at fights #11-16.

    11-13 I use 5*r4 (this is where it gets wobbly); 14-16 I use 5*r5 (no issues here)
    17-20 I use 5*r4 mixed with a pair of 5*r3
    Nothing lower than 5*r3 after this….

    As for previous 6* arenas… I haven’t done them. Hence my uncertainty with these new arenas
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