• ZzyzxGuyZzyzxGuy Posts: 1,292 ★★★
    This is becoming disconcerting.

    ETA? Do y'all at least know how to fix the problem and working on it?
  • This is killing us. Most of my alliance is on Android. We are losing War because of this nonsense.
  • Most of everything moderators post is during business hours in their time zone. We should get an answer in about two hours. It sucks for everyone but give them a chance to at least wake up. Mine was screwed up when the servers jumped to the next day (when duel credits replenish) which occurs at midnight their time.
  • the_eradicatorthe_eradicator Posts: 38
    TenebrousTenebrific - looks like a robot replying !! lolololol . Saying the same **** without any assurance like its no big deal !
  • 1MaNiiaC1MaNiiaC Posts: 3
    No Brazil todo estão sem utilizar !
  • 1MaNiiaC1MaNiiaC Posts: 3
    In brazil all cant enter in game !
  • PhilBilly42PhilBilly42 Posts: 60
  • manish756manish756 Posts: 2
    and now still not log in.....???????
  • A suggestion to the Mods. When you close a thread link to the one that people should comment in.
  • Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Hey OP. Sorry that you're getting this error message on one of your tablets. Can you please let me know a bit more information?

    - Device type and OS type of device that gets the Error
    - Device type and OS type of device that doesn't get the Error

    Once you get back to me with that, we'll do some further checking into this. Thanks!

    I have this problem on my two devices
    - Phone Android 4.4.2 and tablet Android 5.0
  • VcKcVcKc Posts: 1
    Ensure KABAM to issue a new 1st round Voodoo arena again, same for AW.

    Meantime, do make appropriate compensation for all players here for the long inconvenience caused by the problem.
  • manish756manish756 Posts: 2
    resolve this issue frustrating.....
  • PhilBilly42PhilBilly42 Posts: 60
    My alliance needs me for war. But if you guys wanna give me some awakening gems and shards i will gladly forgive and forget. :)
  • MarvelKeekMarvelKeek Posts: 31
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    @TenebrousTenebrific shouldn't the game be brought down for everyone since it's currently unbalanced in favor of only a portion of your users?
  • Yay more issues. I hope we get something back for this. I haven't been able to login for about 4 to 5 hours. Is there any ETA?
  • Doing another arena doesn't really help for people that already have a pretty good streak going and spent hours getting there. Need to get the game back up and make the champs a milestone.
  • l00neyprl00neypr Posts: 18
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    absolutely a lack of respect to all players, iPhone users are on while the majority of android users can't log on, and those doing arena gets a slap in the face for the bs of a money grabbing company. Since 3:30 am can't log on its 10am with no answers or word of this, BS!!!
  • Can't login either it's been all day after I updated, gonna lose the war now and lose allthe work I did in 3 vs 3
  • rwhackrwhack Posts: 913 ★★★
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    So....cannot get my login cards...cannot do AW...cannot account share? As often as the game is screwed up that should be encouraged. The forums aren't as useful as they should be. Game team gives you little insight and no idea if there is a plan other than chaos.
  • BlackhawkBlackhawk Posts: 6
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    Still can't log in.
    I use a Samsung Galaxy 7.
    In-game ID: Blakkkhawkkk
  • dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 199
    Dr.nishant please check this account not opening i lost all progress in voodo
  • BabyBlue23BabyBlue23 Posts: 11
    guys go easy on em they work very hard for us
  • It is now more than 7 hours since android users can not log into the game, to help their alliances in wars, play arenas and all other quests, duels etc. We really want to know when this issue will be fixed and we expect adequate compensations, or we will quite this game full of bugs!
  • dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 199
    @Kabam Miike Voodo progress all lost
  • dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 199
    @Kabam Miike Please help game not opens progress lost
  • xkhanvictxkhanvict Posts: 3
    this is defininetly ridiculous i have a samsung galaxy s7 and i havent been able to log in and we are in the middle of an alliance war not to mention i am trying to get voodoo from arena
  • mortismortis Posts: 17
    doctordoom wrote: »
    People calm down I know it's a bug issue I'm having problems with it 2 but there is aways bugs in games **** happens
    I'm an addict and i need my mcoc fix! Injustice here i come.
  • brownchr014brownchr014 Posts: 24
    Can't log in here.On the s7 edge tried both wifi and mobile data.
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