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Just another post for the same issue many are having.....Maybe when the mods finally decide to show up they can delete all of these log in posts..... and... AND... address the issue
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    This happens on my other tablet when I try to play, it would load then right before it gets in the game the error message appears "an unknown error has occurred. Please try again later." But it opens and works fine on my other tablet, please help.
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    I get that all the time. I press try again and it usually works. just annoying that it takes longer to log in
  • I doesn't have a retry button for me, just an "OK" then it kicks me out of the game.
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    welcome to the club nothing works as it should but officially "its working as intended"LOL
  • xP
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    how do i fix this cause on my android tablet it says ok and then takes me off the game
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    Tengo ese problema en Android 5 Lollipop?? Hay alguna solución?
  • en tu dispositivo deberías tener una aplicación llamada "Vista web del sistema android" o buscarla en la tienda de reproducción o ir a Configuración> Aplicaciones. Si lo encuentras
    En la tienda de reproducción toque en "Desinstalar actualizaciones" si está en la configuración toque en "Desactivar".
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    Gracias @PhantomBear lo probaré.
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    kabam wolf
    Tablet lenovo tab 2 a7-30gc
    Android 5.0.1
    El problema no es la tablet ya que en Android 4.4.2 funciona muy bien!
    Pero demora en cargar las peleas :/

  • de nada
  • Josh2PlayJosh2Play Posts: 115
    Been trying for the last 5 minutes anyone else having this issue?
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    Some in my alliance can't, others can. I can, but I see how it can be annoying.
    Which OS are you on ?
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    I am having same issue
  • PoolPool Posts: 117
    Galaxy s6 android 7
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    @Spino Android, seems like some people that use IOS don't have this problem, brian grant is still playing so its not the servers

    @Pool yeah i have the same device
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    I can't login.
  • Same here
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    Same device and not able to get on
  • Josh2PlayJosh2Play Posts: 115
    @Kabam Miike any admin that can help us on this annoying issue? seems to be all android users
  • Same here my best time to Grind and can't log smh
  • AchillesAchilles Posts: 20
    I'm android and can't log in either
  • Josh2PlayJosh2Play Posts: 115
    @Greengoateater I feel you, i was about to do my last rotation of grind before going to bed, i'm going to miss a lot of points if i can't play for the rest of the night...
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    Yeah alliance war energy should be full and I can't get on to use it looks like us android users are feeling it once again. There's a big surprise
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    same here, galaxy s7 SM-G930F, android 7.0
  • SchapenkopSchapenkop Posts: 82
    Same here! Nexus 5x.
  • Josh2PlayJosh2Play Posts: 115
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    @Logy79_R38El First time feeling this issue, well i guess there is a first for everything, however due to me being in the begginer bracket and the featured hero being star lord, this is going to hurt my score a lot and i have to be in the first 50 ranks... time is gold now...
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