Kabam this needs to be fixed

This is getting ridiculous. I and many other people who have brought this to attention have always been shut down. The crashing and dropped inputs have been incredibly annoying, especially due to the fact that there hasn't been a single word about it. I have tried messaging Kabam support but it gives me the automated email back saying the EXACT same thing every time. You ask for the problems to be put on the crashing forum but it seems like that is a place to dump all of the collective criticism about the game because there hasn't been a single post/response from Kabam for well over a year. the only response from Kabam was telling somebody else that they gave insightful information. We all want to play this game and love this game and all love the effort that is going into the recent updates, but many people can't even play those updates or content because of crashing a lag, but there still hasn't been any word

- please fix your communication with your community and not shut them down when there is a problem.


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