Class Matchups

Hey all, I have seen some discussions about hybrid class champs, hybrid champs, and even should x champ be y class, but I haven’t seen any discussion on the matchups themselves. It seems like an interesting discussion to have. Only the seasoned summoner will probably remember the original matchups which was skill>tech>mutant>science>mystic>cosmic>skill. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the current matchup of skill>science>mystic>cosmic>tech>mutant>skill.

Do you think the original matchups look more accurate? Do you think the current matchups sound better? Or do you think that they should be changed? I’m interested to hear what matchups you think make more sense and why. For example I think science and skill should be reversed. I think science should have an advantage over skill because science champs are typically modified and enhanced beyond the power of a typical skill champ. As a lot of people have mentioned on forums it would be laughable to think Hawkeye or BW would take down Hulk.


  • woah woah wait why did the matchups used to look like that? i cant make sense of the logic behind the old matchups? also on your science/skill thing i would have to agree but think it should stay the same because having mutant weak to skill wouldnt make much more sense and the only other class i think might make sense is if skill beat tech.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 1,099
    I think the current class advantage is "easier" to understand if viewed generally. Science owns Mystic. How? Sorcerer's Apprentice ;)

    That leaves by default Skill owns Science. :#
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