SDF looking for 3 to 5 Adults

We're around 6.5m.
We run AQ5 Expert & AW.

We are not in the Prestige race, our goal is to simply remain Expert while staying fairly low pressure.


Click the stupid picture and come chat with us

We use Discord, so you can chat right from your browser.


  • Despite JJW's silly picture, come chat with us. 3 BG AQ5x5 and looking for a few good/loyal players to enjoy some hyper-organized (though very relaxed) gaming.

    Two things:
    - No alliance hoppers. We need folks that want a home, not temporary lodging.
    - Even if you don't think you're strong enough, we make exceptions for talent. Come apply and see where it gets ya :)
  • rwfesDk.png?1

    Click pretty picture.
  • We still need some folks.
    4k prestige or between 150k <-> 300k pi.

    Adults only. Sorry gotta turn away the teenagers.
  • <clever>Still looking for a couple more to monkey around with the -SIMIAN DEFENSE FORCE-</clever>
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