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I don’t see a lot of people talk about him (with mostly good reasons), so as an owner of a r2 duped 6* Mangog, I figure why not write a guide/review on him

-His playstyle is like a combination of Air-Walker, Sasquatch and Dragon Man
-Aside from Health, his base stats are pretty garbo
-Good prestige if you’re into that
-Great with suicides

*Bleed and Armor Break Immune

*He gains 40% less Power from hitting/being hit by enemies, instead he gains 5% of a bar of Power every second while below 2 bars

*His main gimmick is to build up Hatred (he starts with 3)- that purple charge in the corner, there are a few ways to do so:
-Land/get hit by a 5 hit combo, this is your main way to build Hatred (this needs to be a full combo, not just every 5 hits, so watch out for evade champions)
-Nullify a buff (note that you can’t gain more than 1 Hatred every 0.2 seconds)

*Each Hatred grants Energy Resist, Armor and Crit rating. Really useful since his base Crit is atrocious

*Once you build up to 10 Hatred, activate a special to become Enraged for 10 seconds:
-Specials are Unblockable and you become Enraged immediately after launching one, so don’t worry about finding an opening
-While Enraged, you gain an indefinite Unstoppable buff, this is removed if you get hit by a special attack
-If you get hit while Unstoppable, you gain a big Fury lasting 10 seconds (this plays a big part in his damage rotation)
-You take 50% less damage from enemy hits and Recoil mastery (pair this with his Bleed Immunity means he’s ideal with suicides)
-While Enraged, each hit has 70% chance to inflict a stacking Stagger
-Each time Mangog gains Hatred, Enraged is paused for 3 seconds. If you want to Nullify a lot, spam SP1 while Enraged and go ham on the opponent
-After Enrage ends, you lose all your Hatred

*Heavy Attacks:
-Heavies can be held for an extended duration and deals more burst damage the longer you charge it
-If not Enraged, consumes 2 Hatred to inflict Armor Break. I don’t find it particularly useful, just save your Hatred for specials
-While Enraged gain +220% Power Gain while charging
-Longer charge = more power gain + bigger damage. The window to use this to its full potential is pretty small, more on that later

-Grants 2 Hatred
-The second and final hits inflict Stagger
-You can dex it if you’re fighting him on defense
-If Enraged, he gains a 15 second Energy Protection buff which grants him immunity to Incinerate, Shock and Coldsnap. This buff is paused while Enraged (good for Energy Adoption nodes, especially with his high Energy Resistance at max Hatred)

-Each hit deals extra bursts of energy damage
-The first hit steals the opponent’s power above their nearest bar (similar to Doom). For example if they have 1.5 bar of power, he steals half of it, leaving them with 1 bar left
-If Enraged, the last hit Stuns the enemy for 3 seconds, this Stun is removed when you hit them. Use this Stun to charge your Heavy instead of just button mashing
-Good luck dexing it lol

-Nullifies up to 10 buffs
-Gains a small Regen buff, each buff nullified grants extra healing
-If Enraged, the last hit Stuns the enemy for 2 seconds. This Stun won’t be removed when you hit into them
-You most likely won’t use this special often, just stick to the rotation, speaking of which…

*Damage rotation: That’s right, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for
-Build up 10 Hatred, use SP1s if necessary
-Use SP2 when the opponent’s just below 1 full bar of Power. Mangog will become Enraged and the last hit will Stun the enemy
-Charge Heavy, by the time the Stun ends you’ll get max charge
-Let them hit you once to gain the Fury, the Heavy will be automatically released = big damage
-If you can, launch another SP2 (*)

Ideal results:

Nothing too important, but I like to pair him with iHulk/Kingpin: When becoming Enraged, Mangog inflicts the opponent with a Suppression debuff, reducing their defensive power gain. This helps with (*), he can Power Steal while the enemy still has less than 1 bar -> another rotation

*Sig Ability:
-Each time a Stagger expires naturally on the enemy Mangog has a chance to gain 1 Hatred. The chance is pretty low (14% on a sig 20 6*) so it’s pretty much useless
-While Unstoppable, Mangog Regenerates a certain amount of incoming hit damage instantly
-Gain extra Attack and Crit Damage per Hatred. Nice boost to the low base attack and his already big SP2/heavy bursts

+Good damage potential
+A lot of utility
+Easy access to plenty of Stagger
+Annoying defender, especially on an unblockable SP2 node
+Strong against: Buff-heavy enemies, energy damage

-His damage rotation doesn’t give enough room for his main utility
-His base attack is low
-His playstyle takes a while to get used to and is pretty clunky
-Long build up for short damage window. This is his main problem imo, if they increase the Enraged duration and have his SP1 give like 3-4 Hatred stacks he’d be much better
-Weak against: Stun immunes, Evade/Auto-block, enemies that mess with your power

Overall, Mangog offers good damage and utility, but at the cost of not being able to get both at the same time. His playstyle is unique (for better or worse depends on the player’s liking) but his build up is too long. He falls in the category of getting one Tune-up away from being great and ultimately coming in at a 6.5 angry mangoes out of 10


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    Angry mango is a Fate reference 👀
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,019 ★★★★★
    As the owner of an R3 awakened Mangog I felt the need to ply about with him a little bit and he’s a little bit like Ronin in that he’s nearly there, he just needs that little tweak to make him great but without it he’s hugely disappointing.

    His staggers are awesome but to maintain them ideally you want to avoid throwing specials and coming out of enraged mode. To counter this perhaps a Void like ability where he either deals degen DoT based on the number of staggers he has, or a burst of damage when he prevents a buff from activation. Alternatively you could give him a base damage boost in line with his sig level per stagger, so if you’re aggressive you could get a good deal of basic damage.

    His heavy charging is a pretty cool idea but realistically you’re not getting the opportunity to fully charge a heavy unless you’re playing someone like LoL Red Hulk. Giving him the chance to have perfect blocks could give the opportunity for that extended stun duration to pile in a little more damage.

    The other problem is that he’s billed as a suicide friendly mystic but being a stagger heavy mystic you want to also run MD and I don’t know about everyone but when I run suicides I tend to sacrifice from the proficiency tree and lose MD over despair or DW. This is a time where a personalised mastery set up for a champion/free switching would be ideal.

    His awakened ability is also a joke, giving him the below at R3 sig20, and it doesn’t really scale much either.

    The damage mitigation needs to be far higher to be worth thinking about, at least comparable to Gulk’s Face Me for it to be worth thinking about as a valid play style.
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