Quite possibly the boldest 6* nexus choice you've ever seen

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So act 6 exploration gave me this great nexus (that **** takes absolutely forever to explore, man!). From the title, I guess you could already figure out what I chose...

Yup. Chose iron patriot :D and for a few reasons:
- no skill or mutant AG (didn't pull one from the ag crystal). Definitely not gonna use an unawakened Nick or omega for literally anything simply because:
- I already have them as 5*s and Nick (which would possibly be the clear choice for a lot of people) is maxed and awakened. Plus my skill 6*s are pretty good already.
- iron patriot is sure to get buffed, and my 6* tech roster is freaking bad lol. Only this dude and vision AoU are my tech 6*s (after all this while), and I have 1.9 tech t5cc currently.

So here's to hoping this man receives a godly buff at a near point in the future. B)


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    I mean, you’re bound to dupe NF at some point. Could’ve even tried your luck with the SoP nexus
    I guess he’s a meme rank up….
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    whatever multiverse version you are ... can we have the real @Kill_Grey back please??? lol
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    I think you have never play Omega with suicides and sig 200 as a 5*.

    If I ever pull him as a 6* he would prob become my first R4
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    Irakli said:

    I was in a similar situation with r5 g2099, so I took the green monster and seeing him melt everything with red guardian, I’m glad I did. Tired of ranking clones.

    Uhh not sure if your aware but throw modok on the team too +50% poison damage
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