Abyss Path 2 preparation

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So recently I smashed out my first clear in the Abyss. Even made a full guide to the easy path which is here if you guys want it:

Since I ended up spending considerably less than I initially anticipated, I figured why not go for another path? For the sake of convenience when it comes to remembering which fights I've done I'm just gonna go for Path 2 of the beautiful map that Trucos made, which you can see above.

The team I am planning on bringing is:
5* R5 Aegon Sig 200
6* R3 Doom Sig 0
5* R5 Torch Sig 40
6* R3 Magneto Sig 20
and either
Heimdall (for cheat death), or Proxima (Aegon synergy, will probably save me on LC)

Most of the fights don't look absolutely terrible however there are two fights that have got me real concerned for this path:

Luke Cage (obviously) will probably suck. Probably gonna slug through with Aegon, and I'm planning on spending a few revives to ramp him up on Darkhawk so that I can do the heavy intercept trick.

Green Goblin could be a pain as well. Planning on using Magneto for that fight since he is metal, but I reckon it will be annoying due to the class disadvantage and having to maintain the sp2 armor break the whole fight.

In terms of skill, I would say that I am slightly above average. I did only spend 1700 units on the first path, but it cost me my entire revive stash, lots of potions, and the compensation we recently got as well.

How many units should I save for this path? I've currently got 3600 so I'm thinking I might have to push it to 6K and a full revive stash before I get stuck in.

Thoughts? Got some pics of my roster if people want to see them.

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