Which T5CC fragments I should go for?

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This is my roster:

I know, I know, very small and very young. I'm ways off from being Thronbreaker and getting rank 3's. I shouldn't even be thinking about T5CC's right now. But from SOP, I am going to be getting a 25% selector, and at first, the obvious choice seems to be Doom (I even just took him to rank 2). However, I have 6300 (14%) fragments for Science, and only 900 for Mystic. Should I go all in towards the class I have most of, in the hopes of pulling a good 6 star Science, or great buffs to Miles and Rhino, or cater towards the one champ I know I will guaranteed take up? Thank you for all you help in advance...
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    Mystic. Even if you have 0%. You have to start earning.

    Well of course you want to r3 Rhino
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    Doom, for prestige and dude is a beast.
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    Mystic for sure. Once you start consistently 100% Cav then that 10% is only one month’s work and you have one of the best champs in the game already so focus on that. You might sneak an extra milestone or so out of SoPas well. You never know you might actually manage to get up to 50/75% of the way
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