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Add ability to claim specific items from stash, like with iso8

Not sure why we can't yet but just like with iso8, we should be able to pick and choose what we want to claim from the Items stash as well.


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    Why would you need to ?

    ISO has a limit in which all types are lumped together.

    But it's not like other things (say Revive Potions) also have a combined inventory limit among ALL TYPES of Revives, and you want to pick out which type of Revives (AQ/AW/small/large/etc) you want to put in your inventory to use.
    Each type has its own limit, so what would not claiming any open slots accomplish.

    Same for Sig Stones (all classes/generic/+5/+1), Awakenings, Energy (full vs small), and all the myriad of different class/type based Boosts. They all have separate limits, independent of other ones.

    Unless you’re talking about being able to pick and choose from individual items within a Mail Rewards/Compensation package. Like wanting to claim the Glory and Energy Refills from this recent Compensation, but leave the Revives/Heals within the Mail Stash until later (extending out the total amount of time (first in Mail Stash until close to expiring, then into Regular Stash after that, to maximize how long you have to use them before they would ultimately expire).
    Currently, they’re treated as one lump some of stuff to claim from a Mail Message.
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    BlarghBlargh Posts: 38
    edited October 2021
    I’m saying I might want to claim an energy refill from a clump of 5 expiring in a week than one expiring in 2 days. Same with anything else.

    In fact, forget "might". I often *do* want to.
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