True Focus - Thoughts?

We’ve been seeing true focus as a node for every challenging piece of content for the last few months. It feels like this is a node that will be baked into bosses and other content going forward. Is this a soft nerf to ghost/quake/tigra? Is this trying to shift the meta towards new characters with non-evade/miss “dodge” mechanics? Want to hear what others think and how you’re feeling.


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    Thoughts are in the thread about five down from this one.
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    Wicket329 said:

    I totally understand Kabam trying to remove Ghost and Quake as the answer to every problem in the game. I have both champs and used them plenty and I get it that they are just extremely powerful.

    That being said, I think True Focus is a hammer when the problem requires a scalpel. True Focus just hurts too many other champions who are not overpowered in the same way. Tigra, Silver Surfer, Invisible Woman, Hood, Elsa, Prof. X, Spider-Ham, Miles Morales, BWDO, hell, even Super Skrull and so many other champions have their utility cut dramatically by True Focus.

    There’s got to be a better way. Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if Kabam just straight up put a “you cannot use Ghost/Quake in this quest/on this path” gate. If it lets them create fun, engaging content without having to plan around those champions, I’m okay with it.

    The thing is, most of the people that use these abilities (Elsa, prof X, Spam) don't actually require the Miss/evade. Only a few people (kitty, ghost, tigra, quake) actually need it in their playstyle.

    I personally don't have any feelings of hatred for this node, as I have other champions I can use. Kabam has gotten a lot of hate for saying that 4 or five out of the 200 or so number of champions can't work well. I personally don't understand the logic of this. (Unless the said quake or ghost is your only r5)

    Also, making a "cannot use quake or ghost here" gate or something literally makes you plan around using those people.
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    I'm fine with True Focus to deal with Quake and, to a lesser degree, Ghost. What I don't like is that that node also ruins other cool options (eg. Spider-Ham doesn't evade to avoid specials, he just uses it to taunt, but no you can't use his Spider-Sense on True Focus cause Quake screwed it up for everyone)

    I know this is a hot take, but I would honestly be fine if Kabam 'fixed' Quake to work how her abilities state she should work; she can ONLY evade against basic attacks from opponents suffering from Concussion. Maybe bump up her aftershock damage more if she gets over 10 to compensate... but it'd let Kabam not have to hurt the same champs every time they want to counter Quake.
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    TF is destroying so many champions besides Quake and Ghost. I'm just tired to see that, they should find another way to shutdown Quake and Ghost, a specific node maybe.
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    Just a put ghost and quake in a different tier/tag and ban that tier, problem solved
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    True focus posts are the new compensation posts
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    One word about True Focus: Lazy.
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    Raganator said:

    Thoughts are in the thread about five down from this one.

    My thoughts on it got removed since I called it a lazy solution
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    Raganator said:

    Thoughts are in the thread about five down from this one.

    My thoughts on it got removed since I called it a lazy solution
    Mine got sent to AoA even though I didn’t say anything remotely bad
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    What I think
    It’s super cheesy 🤣
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    I think it’s a good way for players to find different strategies. I don’t have either ghost or quake above 4* nor do I know how to use them well, so I’m not necessarily one to speak. But using the same champ for different content isn’t what the game should be about. I would find that quite boring
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