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my early assessment of 7.3

TP33TP33 Posts: 1,522 ★★★★
so far to me watching a few streams and doing a couple of the paths in the first quest (although not any fully complete admittedly i don’t have time today for a full run) i have a few observations, mostly good but a couple slightly negative.

starting with the good stuff the difficulty. most paths are a complete cheese fest, i was getting havok doing 400k+ L3s, a 4/55 Hyperion clearing fights in under 50 hits and more just in the first quest. let alone the bosses which, through various streamers i can say are amazing. however it’s not stupidly easy content either. my Havok died after taking a single L1 from hulk, my Hyperion got owned by rouge completely and all my other deaths were from tiny mistakes. but that’s good. once you establish a rhythm and get going the fights are super satisfying and fun, however the attack values are such that messing up (with 5/65s at least, i’ve seen some of the beefier R3 6*s take some punishment) can have some big issues on your team. however dying with one champ isn’t the end becuase of

open ended and well tailored nodes. think about the mutant based path or the buff potency path in 7.3.1. the mutant path is cheesable by any mutant who places debuffs, the include but are not limited to, Apocalypse, Havok, Sabretooth, Archangel, Storm PX (i found throwing an L2 into L2 rotation works the best), bishop and the new Kitty Pryde. same with the buff potency node, i used Hyperion, Silver Surfer, CMM and even Super skrull, who funnily enough was my MVP hitting for huge damage and melting opponents once he got into nova fists. these nodes are great because they allow a bunch of different champions to cheese it and in the case of the buff duration node they allow even 4/55s or champs some would consider “bad” (although super skrull is still my favourite champ and 7.3 is just reinforcing that) viable options on the path.

finally the potential for mid-level champions to shine is one of my personal favourite parts of 7.3 lots of the node combinations i have seen on stream i’ve thought “oh i can use ebony maw there” or “i bet super skrull slays there” or even “maybe i can get some use out of elsa bloodstone here”. 7.3 encourages you to use your whole roster, not just a select few “god-tier” options. but even then these god tier champs are still useable. instead of just putting true focus on everything they’ve asked the player “do you really want to just bypass all the fun nodes and just use ghost etc?”. if that’s what you like to do then go ahead but kabam haven’t made the mistakes they’ve made in the past. act 6 NEEDED a few champions like Ghost, Quake, Doom and Archangel because it was so unforgiving ang seemingly unfair. however in the SOP where ghost and Quake were specifically cut off from players those that liked using other miss champions or just Ghost and Quake were angry at it. 7.3 allows every player to play how they want and have fun, which at the end of the day is what we are all here for.

unfortunately now i have to start my complaints but don’t worry, there’s only 2 and neither are huge deals.

number 1 of course is the bugs and sometimes confusing design. some of the new paradox nodes are a bit buggy and some are just a little roundabout and confusing, whole pages of text which could basically be shortened to “you get X at Y many charges, but Z at W charges, get charges by doing A lose them by doing B” but that’s something that kabam have been leaning less towards and more towards more complex aspects which is guess is just how the game has to develop in order to stay “fresh”

secondly the boss. as a boss this new kang isn’t bad at all, he’s a cool design for an awesome character and he seems to make for both a challenging and forgiving boss, making time loops cross fights was a great idea but also having a unique gameplay loop is also great, my only issue is it’s so power gaining focused. i get he’s all about time abs alternate dimensions etc but this would’ve been a perfect place to have a boss with lots of unique stages focusing on different aspects, quite like Gwenmaster, who made you consider power relationships, spacing, special attacks, intercepting, heavy punishing and more, whereas kang just has one gimmick, POWER. i’m not saying it’s a bad boss by any shout i’m just saying that maybe it would be cool to have had a bunch of different kangs all from different timelines and all masters of one aspect. but who knows, my theory is that there are more kangs and they’ll come up in the next chapter to test all our knowledge…


  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 460 ★★★
    edited October 2021
    The unpredictable defender getting up and dashing faster than you can recover from a special is a rather annoying bug / “feature” of mcoc + block/dext/parry issues.

    Other than that, enjoyed 7.3 so far. Chapeau!

    Oh, the occasional super passive AI refusing to throw specials - doing 10-15 evades - back up and evading like I wish I could play quake… super annoying… like come on, just program the ai throw the specials reasonably frequent
  • Valentinos13Valentinos13 Posts: 400 ★★★
    Stark boss disrespect with the heavies is annoying😂.. Like medium, heavy without you blocking
  • FlyGalaxyBombFlyGalaxyBomb Posts: 772 ★★★

    there is so much reading...

    Comparing this to other peoples posts this is great. Less to read the better :D
  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 3,424 ★★★★★

    there is so much reading...

    I went in blind with hopes of doing the initial, postponed it after the first quest's paradox this paradox that on top of the longA nodes. lmao
    Wanted to open 2 6* before investing overflowing t2a, 3 expiring in 24 hours.

    One can't play 7.3 being mentally tired after a long days work. Called quits on 7.3 for time being.
    Ranked up duped DM to r2, already had a unduped 5/65.

    Went back to arena and never have thought that I would appreciate the arena so much.
    Will soon gather the mental energy to read the book of mcoc. Want them rewards.
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,522 ★★★★

    Everything is good except the disrespect to Elsa.

    don’t get me wrong i love my esla, just don’t see her used nearly as much as doom etc
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