Game “stops” before attack…

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but during a fight in AQ, as well as regular content, the game “freezes” just for a second or two before my attack actually takes place. Same with my opponent. Obviously, I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the recent game “upgrade”, but yet another issue that needs to be fixed,,,


  • MitriaxMitriax Posts: 201 ★★
    It has been happening for months
  • Wu_Bangerz23Wu_Bangerz23 Posts: 315 ★★
    My game loses the network connection 10x a day....and it's not my connection as everything else works fine. I just had to use a revive on a fight I. The side quest because it did it 2x. First time it let me restart the fight and the 2nd time I was just dead. It's beyond broken .....
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