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Android user can't login!!!!



  • Rondog098Rondog098 Posts: 5
    This game is like a drug you have to have and now dealer cut me off
  • DGCDGC Posts: 59
    Same issue s8
  • A_rock007A_rock007 Posts: 35
    edited June 2017
    Even I can't login. Android here
  • 0zone0zone Posts: 5
    As far as I know, Kabam is in California... and it's 2 am there. I think the issue will take a lot of time to be fixed.
  • GAM3RGUYGAM3RGUY Posts: 203
    Same here from an hour nat able to log in on my Android
  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 116
    Kabam please ! This was right in the middle of my time for grinding for Vodoo. What now ?
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,234 ★★★
    Also can't log in
    It really posses me off
  • renmicrenmic Posts: 1
    Is too long since we can't log in on android, the voodoo arena is totaly ruined , who want's my account is for sale , i quit
  • JonnydJonnyd Posts: 3
    A comment from kabam would be useful
  • Im so pissed, Im at 2 mil. and cant continue. what now
  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 116
    Yesterday the last 2 hours of the Dr Strange arena I wasn't able to compete since the servers were struggling. Fine leave it - it's only Strange. Now again this morning - I got up early in the hopes of grinding (before work ect) Now that isn't going to happen anymore.

    So what about the resources already spent on this arena...... So frustrating. I know they can't predict these problems. But hopefully they will address them
  • Drac91Drac91 Posts: 10
    Same here. Galaxy s5 Neo full WiFi and NO LOGGING IN! Arena started, AW in Attack phase, yet I tried to reboot the device. Nothing worked. I hope you guys can fix it real quick.
  • this isnt first time to happen to Me. not fair KABAM
  • Mojo1224Mojo1224 Posts: 19
    I want to do my bit in the war.. this is ridiculous
  • SirsanSirsan Posts: 2
    Same here in Portugal! All members of my alliance with android Phone can't log!
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    Actually, everyone is having the same issue. I guess its an emergency maintenance.

    Well, looks like we are not gonna get much AW done because of this.
  • GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    edited June 2017
    Come on kabam, over 3 hours now I've been trying to log on and no response.

    Surely you have mods that work in different countries to communicate issues out of normal working hours.

    Hopefully we're not going to have to wait another 6+ hours for your offices to open.
  • Ram_SarkarRam_Sarkar Posts: 8
    I am at 1.4 mil and I can't login now...........
  • Drac91Drac91 Posts: 10
    edited June 2017
    You and me and others, Mojo.... I like the game but really.... a bit of personal insight for the esteemed Creators! Work on servers and bugs first, deal with sudden lag in Arena or worse, in Dormammu fight in AQ(probably because of the flame head animation, had the same with Ghost Rider Event Quest), then think about new champs, please. I'm sure since many people rated this game high enough, without lagging in unexpected moments while having full connection, more will come and enjoy the gameplay.
  • Thestoryteller6Thestoryteller6 Posts: 143 ★★
    Hey Netmarble, you're based in Korea and your office should still be open. What do you think of your latest acquisition?
  • LuisdontcareLuisdontcare Posts: 5
    Same here android galaxy s7 can't log in
  • Hayato1972Hayato1972 Posts: 5
    OK, I can accept 1 hour problem but more than 3 hours can become a problem. I hope kabam works 2 solve quickly.
  • davidm22davidm22 Posts: 7
    Best marketing for IOS i have ever seen , buy an iphone or you suck. Missing 2 full rounds in voodoo arena already
  • Same issue with samsung note5
  • Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534
    If this goes on long enough, kabam better increase the basic prizes from 10 to 15% and featured from 800 to 1200.
    So unfair for android users, as always.
  • MayberryMayberry Posts: 1
    edited June 2017
    For the past two hours. Galaxy 7 edge.
  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 148
    Android user.. Cannot login.. War goes for a toss.. Entire left is waiting for a couple of us to take our paths..
  • JFerg114JFerg114 Posts: 122
    Really Kabam?
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    edited June 2017
    This is what u call kabam's "lofty standards" lol
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