Android user can't login!!!!



    Any news on resolution time or any other confirmation of people working on this issue?
  • BuRakKunBuRakKun Posts: 1
    Same problem with Samsung Note4
  • CrypticPowerukCrypticPoweruk Posts: 7
    This is a joke come on net it fixed
    Same problem....I think my voodoo dreams over..thanks kabam.
  • blynk_NZblynk_NZ Posts: 41
    Ok, now it's an issue for me too. Heading to bed.
    So now I'm going to have another 8 hours out.
  • wtfwtf Posts: 1
    Just tried logging in, i keep getting an "unknown error has occurred". I know my wifi is perfect so it's not an issue on my side.
    edit: On Android

    the same here
  • andlimaandlima Posts: 2
    Nick: andrelima15

    Eu também. RIP Vodoo. Obrigado Kabam
    Me too. RIP Vodoo. Tank you Kabam
  • richo82richo82 Posts: 50
    come on, Friday morning, nobody will do any work until after bacon eggs and coffee
  • richo82richo82 Posts: 50
    Maybe a quick gobby
  • I emailed Kabam and haven't gotten a response which I think is absolutely **** customer service. Not only is my clan in the middle of a war. I'm grinding away for Star Lord and trying to generate gold in game. It's sad because just yesterday I was considering spunking some actual cash for an IAP, how furious would I have been had I gone through with it? Where is the communication?
  • HuhuHuhu Posts: 2
    you are all forgetting, that kabam doesnt care..
    last time, there has been 3 days login issues and I am not sure, that I even saw "sorry about that" - no compensation, no nothing.. simple as that, they do not care.. so dont expect anything. dont expect this to be fixed anytime soon.. they are just issuing updates with bugs and simply do not care - the 3day login issue was also after update.. they dont have good admins/programmers, because they would have to pay them well and that does not suit kabam..
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    Same issue here.

    Samsung S7
    Nvidia Shield Tablet

    Nice that iPhone and iPad users can continue to play. I guess that you have to own an Apple device to do everything in this game now. It was already REALLY LOPSIDED with loading times, but now, 4 plus hours of downtime for one platform only.

    I don't know how you make this right, Kabam. It's getting really bad.
  • Jaguaraci_SilvaJaguaraci_Silva Posts: 151
    Here too cannot to login today. The game tried update a optimised module for 4G and after this cannot play. I am using Android 6.0.1
  • Dan11Dan11 Posts: 2
    Yeah me too Samsung s5
  • Isso é a kabam mostrando mais uma vez q não liga pra quem joga em Android , pq pra ios tá norma e já devem ter feito 3 x mais pontos na arena se não querem q jogamos em Android tira o jogo de lá ou fornece condições iguais para todos os usuários. insatisfação total cm a kabam decepção todo dia
  • Xame problem here
  • richo82richo82 Posts: 50
    Sweet, just logged in.
    Oh thought this was a pokemon forum
  • B_RonB_Ron Posts: 1
    Been down for hours. All android users in my alliance. Apple seems to be ok.
  • BarTheoBarTheo Posts: 3
  • BarTheoBarTheo Posts: 3
    Várias horas sem o jogo. Vou perder o Vodoo? Kabam sempre arruma uma coisa é estraga duas.
  • BoicotaramBoicotaram Posts: 32
    This is sad I was playing for Dr and now I can't just fix it and give proper compensation for your mistake yet again
  • L0neW0lfL0neW0lf Posts: 6
    Thank you Kabam!!!!
  • Mcord11758Mcord11758 Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    Mods will be in like 5 hours
  • RanaRana Posts: 1
    Still cant' login. Down for more than 4 hours now :(>:)
  • IdreesIdrees Posts: 9
    Create a new post with title, I want to buy $99.99 package, tell me how. See the response in seconds from KASCAM.
  • Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534 ★★★
    F4k3_GaM3r wrote: »
    All the players who achieves the milestones should be give the champions rewards

    Lol that's a bit too much. The game's been down for a few hours not days.

    Maybe just make the champs a milestone just once for this arena.

    SL at 7M.
    Voodoo at 5M.
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    It seems to me that a responsible company would have someone "on call" for something like this...

    The MAJORITY of your user base cannot play your game, and it has been almost 5 hours at this point.

    You can't use the "we were all sleeping" routine. There should be an alert generated by your servers, and that alert should be responded to 24/7. You run a 24/7 service.

    I was discouraged by the state of the game before this... I am even more so now. The way this incident is being treated shows me that you just don't care enough.

    I don't know how you make this right. There is so much you already need to compensate for. At this point, you could hand me an R4 5 star of my choice, and it wouldn't make up for the last 60 days and this current incident.
  • jp2835jp2835 Posts: 144
    Same problem and a. Very big issue coz we got alliance war today
  • TorackinTorackin Posts: 3
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