Android user can't login!!!!



  • KeittraKeittra Posts: 1
    I have daily cards which require me to log in every day very annoying
  • TentmanTentman Posts: 1
    Kabam needs to just give all android users a 4* Voodoo and some t4cc to make up for discriminating against us
  • MMST wrote: »
    This is lunacy. Now what? Apple users can still play so they'll be increasing their voodoo scores. Us Android players have to sit this one out. I only had a fair chance at him now its lost. If by the end of all this i don't have a voodoo. I'm done spending money.

    They will give you 1 or 2* Voodoo:-) and 3-4 phc bonus for more 2*...

    Should have known this was bound to happen. Game just keeps disappointing and disappointing
  • BigEpps33BigEpps33 Posts: 2
    If the game is down why are we getting notifications to play.
  • Also unable to log in. Galaxy s6.

    There goes Voodoo arena. :/
  • dm888dm888 Posts: 1
    What's up with this no log in???
    Our team wasn't able to finish finalizing War defense because of this log in problem. We'll surely lose war and drop in ranking. How disappointing and frustrating!!!
  • WonderjayWonderjay Posts: 20
  • ZyclonusZyclonus Posts: 3
    Same problem here, not able to login :/ Kabam you should give free Voodoo for everyone who was trying the arena lol
  • Sirnoob2Sirnoob2 Posts: 289 ★★
    edited June 2017
    Vdh2008 wrote: »
    MMST wrote: »
    Vdh2008 wrote: »

    You obviously have no grasp of IT support and service.

    When an issue like this happens, alerts are generated on the servers. These alerts SHOULD be watched by someone 24/7.

    If the game was only "open" for 12/24 hours, I would have no issues with the team not taking action, but this is an international game, with tens of millions of users. This is a serious issue.

    Are you really trying to explain ITIL to morons? Leave them grinding in arenas for all their miserable life.

    Hahaha. I know. It's getting me all worked up too.

    Wooosah.... Whooosah.

    The best I can say is this neither you nor I know the situation. We don't know who is there who is on call how big there dev team if they have anyone who can even fix the issue on site what that person's commute may be am I saying that they shouldn't be better prepared no they absolutely need to hire more people for these kind of incidents
  • WonderjayWonderjay Posts: 20
    This is ****, six hours i cant play trying for star lord. Kabam strikes again.. Fixing means stay tuned while we make it worse.
  • danijel91danijel91 Posts: 4
    when the game will be active?
  • DepecheDepeche Posts: 17
    this is like 5th time this happens to me and i ve only been playing for 5 updates :D and they've given us nothing for previous 4 fails, this is not going to be any different . their answer will be sorry we are working on it and that's it or create a BS serevr for android users to test it out like they did last time which did nothing just sayin. and as i read through comments i see this is not a recent issue like for me its been going on for 2 years and thats just pathetic all those maintenance shut downs and stuff , i mean i genuinely dont know why to scold them anymore they dont hear usanyways and dont do **** about it
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    I agree. We don't know what the current situation is. My post is to let them know what it should be... I would love for an issue like this to NEVER happen again. So I'm asking them to learn from this.

  • Same here. i had tried to clear the data but the same problem occurs everytime
  • Cant log in
    .s8 user.
  • DepecheDepeche Posts: 17
    you know whats funny every time this kind of problem happens its always a good champion in arena that everybody wants :smiley:
  • Spidey4035Spidey4035 Posts: 12
    Just adding my name to list of android users who cant login, there goes my arena and guardian hero event :disappointed:
  • dewar86dewar86 Posts: 4
    Marbles..... **** :D
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    Drac91 wrote: »
    This is a disgrace....

    There was a saying once: "The company exists for the client." Well, nowadays we have it backwards. The clients exist as an income source. We're not clients, players. We're a talking revenue. After the fiasco in March, there was supposed to be an open communication channel. The company was supposed to work with their clients, to make MCOC "great again". And where are we?
    We have a game shut down right after an update, an extended maintenance, for 5 hours straight. I get it, a game, some micro payments(not exactly micro by studying the prices), we are to have fun, you get a living. But we are supposed to matter here as a priority! Our fun! Can you please work with us, not just say general sentences, like politicians do? We're here to play and, if we work well, maybe to stay.

    Great post, @Drac91.
  • EvilRazorEvilRazor Posts: 143
    I'm in the same boat. My Android phone DOES NOT login in the game. Others guys of my Alliance who have IOS from iPhone can play with no problem.
  • VladkrackVladkrack Posts: 1
    same bug, android v6.0.1 Samsumg Galaxy J5 SM-J500M
  • sfu_koraxsfu_korax Posts: 236
    Same thing here also on android
  • BQuBQu Posts: 32
    Same here.Android.
  • MagsMags Posts: 132
    Funny, notification just told me "your war energy has been restored"
    Lot of good that does me..

    Obviously Kabam is unavailable from the hours of 2AM to at least 8AM Eastern Standard time.. maybe longer.
  • I wanted to post as well that im not logging in.
  • Chaos36_Chaos36_ Posts: 5
    I have an s7 and still cant get on yesterday i dropped 3mil in sl arena and im gonna get fuckes again thanks kabam
  • Drac91Drac91 Posts: 10
    @Vdh2008 thank you. Just I've worked in some companies before and known that sometimes there are problems, yet clients blame the middle man. But in other companies we are just supposed to provide the revenue. I wasn't entirely against the March Fiasco. I hated the system" without SW or Star Lord, well you will have to go through a lot of trash. When you get them, you can get big rewards". In the past, companies rewarded their clients for their loyalty to one brand. The long time faithful client was cherished more than the new one. And because they offered cheaper prices and good service, we kept coming back. Loyalty and cooperation. Nowadays it's mainly about how much revenue can we get, really sad. New clients often get better benefits than the loyal ones. If something was not right or broken, the company would answer at least. Then fix the problem. I can't see it here. I see general speeches. Long sentences with general names, unclear meaning. Politician style. We're not dummies. We are privileged to have expectations of our own. We give our money and have the right to expect a good service. The good of the client/player is the top priority!
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