Android user can't login!!!!



  • VuskaVuska Posts: 172
    Can't do login.. can't do arena..

    Is there a news from kabam ?
  • GuayomanGuayoman Posts: 3
    Same here
  • DevilktDevilkt Posts: 4
    Same here been trying since morning
  • ZyclonusZyclonus Posts: 3
    For me it happened 3 hrs ago and still nothing. Last thing i did was i swapped btw WiFi and cellular network and got that "Begin Your Journey" message (journey to "failed to log in" lol) . But i don't think its because of that. Hopefully i can put enough pts for voodoo :/
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    Open, honest, transparent communication seems to be beyond them.

    Hell, I would even take a "canned" response in some cases to NO response at all.

  • Thestoryteller6Thestoryteller6 Posts: 153 ★★
    Can you imagine if this happened 24 hours later? We'd probably have to wait through the weekend for a response.
    Hey guys !!! Chill !!! kabam is only not acknowledging because they don't know themselves what went wrong...and when they fix it they are so generous that my eyes starts tearing up because of the happiness that i get from getting free 3 * awakening gem and health potions... those are so tough to get !!!

  • fabbassfabbass Posts: 39
    Brazilian player here, still dawn. Cant play War, Arena and quests. Kabam you have to compensate us, android users!
  • CerlauraCerlaura Posts: 1
    Same here with the log in issues. This is ridiculous 10 pages of comments from Android users who cannot log in and no response or reassurance from any official sources? What is wrong with you? Our time, money and efforts are as valuable as those who have iphone. Please fix this, and I hope as well as the others for a good reward!!!!
  • Sirnoob2Sirnoob2 Posts: 289 ★★
  • Drac91Drac91 Posts: 10
    Looks like it. There was maybe one company I've been this disappointed at. Gameloft.
  • SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
    Same here RIP Voodoo arena
  • RimRim Posts: 2
    Samsung S7 same.
  • Sirnoob2Sirnoob2 Posts: 289 ★★
    Drac91 wrote: »
    Looks like it. There was maybe one company I've been this disappointed at. Gameloft.

    Konomi for me after everything I read about them never again
  • AndrewAndrew Posts: 238
    kabam employees are sleeping right now and having some sweet dreams about meaning of life <3
    take our money and sleep well
  • SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
    And the worst thing is we are in the middle of AW. Hopefull Iphone guys can pull it off because this is just sad.
  • RoboRoRoRoboRoRo Posts: 11
    No arena. Can't contribute to my alliance.... great!

    I'm using a Galaxy S6 running Nougat 7.0
  • Still can't log in. Terrible.
  • Anto71Anto71 Posts: 1
    Impossibile accedere al gioco
  • Thestoryteller6Thestoryteller6 Posts: 153 ★★
    Hey, kabam! Remember when you were so concerned about international players that you refused to change AQ energy timers to 0.5 hours? How about you change the timers to 0.5 hours and hire a team to be on standby during the times we can actually play?
  • bobknotbobknot Posts: 1
    For what it's worth, I've been unable to log in for 4 hours now... it's frustrating yeah, but the funny thing is... it's just a game! Go out and enjoy everything else that life has to offer. And try for Dr Voodoo next time... (but seriously though, hurry up and fix it Kabam!)
  • swanand188swanand188 Posts: 4
    Hi Kabam,
    Can we get official news about LOGIN ISSUE that Android user are facing..
  • This is very upsetting. I had 1.8 mill in voodoo arena and am in the middle of war. Kabam, why do you not take care of your android users as you do iphone?
  • AnakkinAnakkin Posts: 1

    I waited a long time Star lord arena, now I can not log in, do not come later give me reviver and potion, to apologize, have a minimum of respect with your customers.
  • MofoMofo Posts: 4
    I purchased a daily card for the first time yesterday. This means I can't redeem this along with not being able to grind arena for Dr Voodoo. I'm really unhappy.
  • RickyroweRickyrowe Posts: 1
    Same here it's all android users how the feck can we grind arena with this [email protected]#t
  • doctordoomdoctordoom Posts: 261
    Happing here with a Nexus 5 it really stinks I want to get on for I can play some AW
  • chozen_1nechozen_1ne Posts: 11
    Over four hours since i woke up to take a leak and get a round of arena in, still cant get in. THIS IS PATHETIC.
  • Jim_reaperJim_reaper Posts: 14
  • RojoOmegaRojoOmega Posts: 2

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