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Shut down AQ cycle



  • CainCain Posts: 559 ★★
    Addyos said:

    Am I seeing right? Not one, but two posts that are highly critical of Kabam. From Worknprogress & Demonzfyre of all people. Guys who are usually pro-Kabam in their outlook. The world’s gone crazy.

    This was my thought too lol. You know it’s bad when they say something 😂 no offense 🤘🏼💙
  • Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,399 ★★★★

    Anyone else get the feeling Demonzfyre is a Kabam employee?

    I had to quickly recheck who actually was the OP of this thread? I’m fairly certain that disqualifies him as an employee. Just someone who has a much more moderate view on these gaming issues than you do.
  • jacboon said:

    If my clients were this angry I'd have them in the loop at every possible opportunity - even if it was just to say that I was still waiting for more info.

    That tells me you've never actually done that before. Constantly telling a customer you have nothing to tell them is pretty much guaranteed to blow up in your face. It literally happens here all the time.
  • jacboonjacboon Posts: 35
    And yes - "every appropriate opportunity" would have been better wording than "any possible opportunity".

    Many apologies.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,781 ★★★★★
    Nice to see people still arguing about this on day 5.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 15,889 ★★★★★
    Zuko_ILC said:

    Ebony_Naw said:

    Zuko_ILC said:

    Zuko_ILC said:

    Zuko_ILC said:

    There's obviously something wrong with AQ, especially in lower maps.
    6* defenders.
    Attack values way over tuned for the map.
    Mini bosses way over tuned.

    I'm doing map 6 currently. I have a pretty stacked roster. I'm bringing in a team of R3 attackers who normally have no issue with any defender. I've been KOd by a Dominos heavy and Sp1 while at full health of my R3 6* CG.

    I was degen'd to death from Maw from one degen with my R3 6* Red Hulk.

    Domino had 10k attack and 120k+ health for day 2.

    Maw had 17k+ attack and 300k+ health. This isn't normal. The defenders being a 6* isn't the issue, it's the values they're tuned at. What's even more weird is the path I take in section 3 is normal defender stats. Right around 42k health and 3k attack. That's what I've been used to these past few months.

    This is the SM2099 final boss

    If there isn't an immediate fix to these values, shut down this cycle of AQ. I get that we're getting comp packages weekly but doesn't mean people should be forced into this content for the next 3 days.

    This is supposed to be difficult content. Previous iterations were far too easy with the Corvus cheese. It's a welcome difficulty increase. Maybe you need to move down to map 5 until you are ready for map 6.
    Ok. Way to not understand the issue.
    I understand the issue. The current map is too hard for you. It won't kill you to drop down for 1 or 2 AQs so they can fix it.
    No, no you don't understand the issue broski. The map isn't too hard for me personally, for others with much smaller rosters, it was like going from Normal MEQ to Cav difficulty.

    You truly don't understand what happened at all and you're just here to stir the pot.
    Okay if it's too hard for your alliance then do a lower map until it's fixed. Why is that too hard to do instead of complaining? Kabam acknowledged it and said it won't be fixed this cycle. So all you have to do is wait for them to fix it and then play. You truly don't understand that if content is too difficult for your alliance then you shouldn't be running that map yet.

    I'm not the one stirring the pot. You seem to think you're entitled to higher rewards, mistake or not on Kabams part. Instead of just doing a lower map and not dealing with the headache or item usage. It's a simple solution that your alliance doesn't want to do. Well then pay for it.
    First of all, this thread precedes any Kabam acknowledgment of the issue. Second, until one is certain that they are going to be compensated for the issue, I can understand the perceived pressure to keep going with the regular map. Third of all, you started off by pretending that this is the way it should be, and then without actually backtracking, changed your position slightly to pretend like you were saying to move a map lower until it is fixed. As if the lower maps do not have the same issue.

    If not to stir the pot, I have no idea why you have chosen such a blatantly wrong position, but I suggest you reconsider.
    The position isn't blatantly wrong. You just think your opinion is right and even Kabam disagrees with you. If the map is too hard then do a lower one. Simple solution. Also you're right Kabam gave us an update and said it won't be fixed this cycle so do a lower map. So maybe just do a lower map. You're not special. You're alliance isn't special. Everyone has encountered the same issues running those maps. The solution is spend items or run a lower map.

    There's no back tracking on my part. Map too hard you shouldn't be running it. Show me where I've changed this opinion. You're just entitled and think you can't possibly be wrong. Well if you want to run that map right now spend the items and clear it but don't complain. You're alliance made a choice, no one is making run this map. I suggest you reconsider running map 6. You're alliance clearly can't handle it by your own words. So stop running map 6 until its fixed. You cause your own problems and expect everyone else to agree with you because you want the same rewards as last cycle and believe you are entitled to them. Well you aren't special all alliances running those maps share the issue.

    But keep complaining even when you can solve the issue.
    I don't get in the habit of telling people to stop commenting but seriously, you need to stop. I really don't know what's wrong with you, why you decided to come to this thread out of the blue but just go. You clearly have no clue at all.
  • mbracembrace Posts: 581 ★★★
    I might sound like a wimp with the higher map problems mentioned, but even Map 4 Surfer is too hard unless you use Doom and have every node down. It shouldn’t be that difficult.
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