There should be a mastery to counter Root

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Using this video as a context, I think the root mechanic is as broken as it is since there is no proper counter to it but just avoiding it. I really think there should be a discussion that a root counter mastery to be made such that it's properly balanced. I'm not a game designer so I wouldn't know what the counter should be but it's important to point this out.

Hopefully many of you would agree.


  • SyndicatedSyndicated Posts: 300 ★★★
    There's one, it's called Tenacity.
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,240 ★★★★★
    edited November 2021
    Why should the counter be a mastery? Any explanation of what you think an applicable counter would be?

    For instance, something that just completely nullifies the root mechanic would be a little OP when fighting Kraven, but it all depends on how Root is activated. If it is based on a % chance during an attack, then there are plenty of counters already in-game. Power control champs limit his special attacks, while things like neurotoxin or concussion reduce ability accuracy. Not all champs have access to these, but a counter should not necessarily be available to all champs.

    Edit: go to 2:36 in the video. If root is based on the suppression debuff, then debuff shrugging champs would also be ideal for getting rid of root. Problem solved.
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    It would be cool if you could swipe up (or Down) at the exact instance root applies (maybe not exact) but very similar to dex or parry to 'unroot' yourself. Could be buggy tho.
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