Tag-based Cavalier EQ - improve the edit team UI

I am providing feedback on how the Tag design, in terms of design interface, is lackluster. I am not commenting on the tags themselves (whether they are good or bad).

In a vacuum, tag-based content seems fine. The Preview function let's players look at what they need. The tag search allows players to search by Tag. It seems like it should work.

But, I want to say, after going into Cav EQ 1.1, this doesn't work in an elegant way.

Previously, with the Class Based nodes, you:
(1) Preview once to determine what class you need
(2) Edit team screen and can click Filter, and click Class(es)
(3) Drag your champions to build your entire 5-person roster.
(4) Fight start.
With this design, you can enter the fight pretty quickly.
For exploring, if you remember what class is needed, then again you can quickly Filter to your Science class, and quickly drag the desired Science champions to your roster, and start playing. It takes maybe 5-10 seconds from entering the 'Edit Team' screen to when you can play.

Comparatively, with the Tag-Based system, you:
(1) Preview once to determine which Tags you need (you have to remember three different tags)
(2) Edit team screen and can click Filter, and click 'Add Tag'
(3) Either scroll through the complete list of tags or Type out the Tag (both options are slow)
(4) Drag the champions to build the roster based on one tag (Since 'Search up to Two Tags' uses the 'And' operator instead of 'Or' operator; For example the search finds champions that are A-Force and New Avengers, and not champions that are A-Force or New Avengers)
(5) Repeat steps 3-4 to add champions with the second tag.
(6) Repeat steps 3-4 to add champions with the third tag.
(7) Fight start.

With this design, it takes an annoyingly long time to start the fight. Typing out the Tag and selecting champions with different tags is very clunky. Although it only seems like players go from a 4-step process to just a 7-step process (which is really a 9 step process now), those added steps themselves take more time and can be annoying.

If it is possible, could there be three button toggles added to the top of the 'Edit Team' screen? Similar location to Gate Restriction (like in last month's side quest that showed Ikaris and Sersi), but as toggleable buttons? When the buttons are off, you see All your champions. When a button is on, it shows you Your Champions with that tag. When all three buttons are on, it shows you Your Champions with any of those three tags.

This would have the benefit of:
(1) Letting players know upfront, in the Edit Team screen, what Tags they need
(2) Let players quickly find all their champions with that tag without needing to search individually.


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