New account - easier than before ?

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Hi Kabam,

For this new year i decided to create a new account, to test the rework of acts 1 to 4 and to get as much units as i can for the 2022 gifting event 😉

So i created it on the 1st of juanary.
Did the act 1, gain a few levels and earn a 4 stars Hercules 😳

Of course Hercules greatly helped me finish act 2 and with all the objectives, i was able to get another 4 stars… Apocalypse !

While advancing in level i gain access to The Black iso market for 1 week in which i bought a premuim crystal that gave me my first 4 stars nexus !! Black widow claire voyant join my roster 😁

So in 24 hrs i had 3 4 stars god tiers champions, 1300 units (minus 270 to unlock dexterity), 100% finished acts 1 & 2 and near the end of act 3

The reworks are nice thought but 3 4 stars in 24hrs ?

Ah and for reasons i don’t understand i got myself 3/4 of a T3A 🤷‍♂️ Well thx… i guess 😅


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    Of course all of this without spending units (apart to unlock dexterity) or money.

    By the way, the offers we can buy in the store are simply not interesting ! Why dhould i spend money to get some 3 or 4 stars when i receive Hercules for free !
    The only offer that might be interesting is the Deadpool offer as you can get him nowhere else.
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    edited January 2022

    T3Alpha issue. Probably just visual sync bug, pulling info from your primary account from the saved/cached data on your device.

    Cached data like that isn’t handled particularly well when running multiple accounts on same device. If you try to use it, it would be caught when sync'ing with servers, so no your new account doesn’t really have that T3Alpha fragment.

    If your new acct actually does have some T3Alpha Frags already, that's another out-of-whack problem with game and how easy it is to get resources nowadays.
    Ok thx

    I don’t think i will be able to try to use those shards before a couple of years thought
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    I have a 6-Star OG DD for my level 6 account, so yes, it is easy. ;)
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    It took me all of 40 minutes to pull a 4* on my alt. I autoplayed Acts 1-3.
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    If you created an account a few weeks ago you got a 5* champ at l6
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