Have bugs/broken parry etc destroyed your original love & excitement of this game?

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Have bugs/broken parry etc destroyed your original love & excitement of this game? 160 votes

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Retired because of it!
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    Retired because of it!
    I've been an avid(avg 6days 4hrs per) player for roughly 2.5yrs I "semi-retired" for approx. 1 1/2mos with the hopes of returning back if there were signs of some changes for the betterment of the game and an end to the "forum silence" and contradicting/unfounded statements that are on the edge of insulting. I was persuaded back by some seemingly positive announcements from Kabam and my ally mates wanting to rebuild with a "new look".

    In short, I feel my decision was hastily made. In all fairness I did somewhat enjoy the new "challenges" but I was and still am much against new content being pushed out in lieu of the number of things that needed repair for several months in some cases. IMO, some of those very issues made the challenges lose more credibilty amd excitment than they could have gained. All in all, back to "square one" on what my next decision should be. Truly disheartening because I without a doubt had such a passion for playing MCOC once not too long ago.
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    DANCFC wrote: »
    Played since day 1, 332k rated and now left feeling like what a complete waste of time it has all been.
    Loved Marvel forever, but who continues to let Kabam/Netmarble use the brand and smash it to bits like this?
    Woeful Customer Support, game mechanics you can't rely on to work, offers that if you continued buying you have to sell your house for...

    Don't get me started on the joke that is AW & AQ.

    I'm devastated at what they have created out of what was possible.
    So much money generated and they can't even get the basics like parry/block/evade to work correctly.
    But they keep making new champs, bring in 6*'s, send people to NYCC "have a free T'shirt" but keep playing a broken game while you spend more!

    A ****-Tastic company that actually sits perfectly now in this messed up heading towards the edge reality.
    Thanks for messing up the one thing that distracted us from thr doom lmfao!!!

    What more needs to be said?
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    I’ve had that happen to me ever since the new updates have been coming out. Also, what bothers me the most is that Kabam randomly censors words that aren’t even close to being vulgar. It’s like they don’t want to listen to our feedback and criticism. It really saddens me.
    I’ve spent money on this game, and I’d wish that money would be used to better this game. :disappointed:
  • I am just waiting for the last bug to hit me...then its byebye,kabam
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    Retired because of it!
    Please keep voting everyone!
    Kabam may finally pay attention!!
    Please fix the game we love Kabam!
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    Retired because of it!
    Honestly It seems ever since I stopped paying them I’m being punished with **** champs and every bug hits in everything unless you have iceman or stark spidey as it seems there what you need to do anything these days as nothing is about skill anymore
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    I remember when getting a good long combo in aq was followed up with a screenshot in chat showing off. Now it's the opposite, guys posting pics of how many hits they are eating from the lag.

    There's a lot more frustration than excitement now. There's no urgency in doing anything as you know you're more likely than not to be affected by a bug and it will cost you something. People are just getting frustrated and losing interest, getting kod by AI that interrupts combos or your champ ignoring your input.

    Then there is the release of 6* champs and the feeling that content is just going be nothing more than adding more and more attack and health to opponents instead of coming up with a new model to make things interesting. All the champs we have on our wish list now are soon to be obsolete and when we voice our concerns about the future of the game we get a finger in the face and ignored. The **** is being layed down too thick. How long have we been waiting for answers about the detect and pure skill masteries ? We never get straight answers about anything, just the usual "I'll bring it up to the team," and then silence as if that is all the info we need. It's just disheartening that we are so unappreciated and our feedback is ignored.

    I don't see myself staying around much longer. The game I enjoyed playing is dead, replaced by something that's as bloated and bugged as Windows XP, and turned into something that many don't want.
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    those glitches ....i swear many people can't talk on friend global or alliance and some barely even been on global or not at all. Kabam has had so many problems as of late and i am unsure why but something is up. I can't talk on my profile and my other account (that has never been on chat) so idk what is going on. But i am very tired of it and its getting to a point where i just cant enjoy the game.
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