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Alternatives to 7*s

Knullvoid235Knullvoid235 Posts: 158
edited January 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
Saw a few discussions on reddit where many people didn't want the addition of 7*s in game for various reasons. What do you guys think should be the alternative if kabam didn't add them?
I thought adding a new type of champ entirely- skrulls. They could mimic the specific class champs we would collect and might actually give use to super Skrull in game.
P.S.This was just off the top of my head, don't attack me lol
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  • Total_Domin01Total_Domin01 Posts: 1,015 ★★★★

    It's the relics system. Instead of adding more and more stars, more likely these will get higher tiers as time goes on.

    I really hope that's not the case. I even hope these don't even get added in the game. But if it is, then it will be another way for them to make it P2W in a way or another

    They could do the exact same thing with 7* though
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,817 ★★★★★
    I hate when people say stuff like “you haven’t even maxed 6-stars yet.”

    The tiers should overlap, and we don’t need to max one to deal with another. One of the ways Kabam really botched progression was having max 5-stars roughly match rank 2 6-stars. Better scaling (or a better starting point) could’ve had 6r3 match 5r5, just like 5r3 matched 4r5. They wouldn’t have needed to nerf rankups like they’ve done, and some of these things would be more enticing.

    The global buff on act 7 for 6-stars was an inspired choice. It gains value as we deepen our rosters (and as we see just how minimal the upgrade is to r3 and r4.)
  • AMS94AMS94 Posts: 1,753 ★★★★★
    Most probably Relics will be the replacement for 7* champs, & perhaps one of the big contributing factors fr MCOC's steep downfall
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,396 ★★★★★
    Easy fix and hey they can use a new game engine with …..

    A new game called MCOC 2.0
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,117 ★★★★★
    Thefire13 said:

    We haven't even sniffed rank 5 6 stars so it'll be a year or two before we see a 7 star, IMO.

    For me, I would like to see more fun content, like the Summoned Symbiote quest, the Grandmaster's Gauntlet, the Summer of Pain, Incursions, the Shang-chi challenge. I want to be able to use the champs I ranked up and have fun playing a video game, and I am hoping the "solo competitive mode" that's been teased will be that, rather than another frustrating, unit-draining scheme.

    You say that, but they literally introduced 6*s before we had r5 5*s...
    Well just remember that we weren’t even into act 6 then, Kabam had a big plan of endgame content that 6*s would be needed for.

    Now, the only content coming out is Cav Eq and act 7, both of which can be done easily with 5*s. While tempting to compare 1:1 you have to remember other factors that make it different.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,117 ★★★★★
    DNA3000 said:

    We don’t have quest content that you need 6*s in yet, 7* definitely aren’t needed at all haha

    By the players? Debateable. However, new roster tiers aren't created when players need them, they are created when the game needs them.

    6* champs didn't arrive because players needed them for content completion. They arrived for one and only one simple reason: 5* champs became too easy to acquire and rank up, and thus no longer functioned as the top tier pursuit item of the game. When that happened, 6* champs because a necessity for the game.

    The instant that 6* champs become too easy to acquire and too easy to rank up to the high ranks, 7* champs (or some other alternative) will become necessary and arrive. It is really just that simple. The players want more 6* champs, they want more rank up materials, they want more sig stones. And when they get them, 7* champs will arrive to become the new thing that's super rare and super hard to get. Asking for more of any of those things is simply accelerating us to the day when something else replaces them as the even rarer thing.

    This isn't an opinion or a guess. This is the law of gravity of F2P progressional games.
    Regardless, 7*s shouldn’t be added until we have content that needs them in my view. It just acts as another carrot for people to chase without a particular need other than high tier war or prestige. I’d rather chase them because it’s useful to tackle new content - which can all currently realistically be done with 5*s.

    I’m not denying any of what you said, but it doesn’t address the point that if we get to the point where 7*s are added and we don’t have any content that needs them, there’s been an error in judgement or additions to the game from Kabam. If kabam allows the economy of the game to progress to a point where it’s easy to R5 6*s and still doesn’t have content they or 7*s are needed for, then they have made a mistake.

    They very carefully choose how resources are released into the game, we know this. So they know when we are likely to get to the point where we can easily r5 6*s. If there isn’t content planned for before then there’s an issue.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 34,716 ★★★★★
    Don't know what anyone else is talking about. I'm down for 7*s, when the time is right.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 17,068 Guardian

    I’m not denying any of what you said, but it doesn’t address the point that if we get to the point where 7*s are added and we don’t have any content that needs them, there’s been an error in judgement or additions to the game from Kabam. If kabam allows the economy of the game to progress to a point where it’s easy to R5 6*s and still doesn’t have content they or 7*s are needed for, then they have made a mistake.

    The problem here is that as I mentioned in another thread, the question of "need" is ambiguous because it is relative to individual players.

    Whenever they add 7* champs (with the standard disclaimer about options) *someone* will need them. It will never be a true statement that when they add 7* champs, no one will need them. So the real question is, and it is an extremely slippery one, which players should need them when they arrive?. If the answer is "the top players:" then that's basically never going to be true. If the answer is "average players" that is basically always going to be true. I suspect most of the people who think 7* champs should be "necessary" have some target in mind between those two, but I wonder if there would be even remote consensus agreement on where that target is.
  • J0eySn0wJ0eySn0w Posts: 861 ★★★★
    edited January 2022
    I don't think 7stars topic should be of concern to anybody at all, not at this time. I'm not gonna say we will or will not have them, it's future subject so far imo we don't even have 6r5s. Of course Kabam can't make it a subject of discussion tomorrow if they choose to but they shouldn't. Honestly, 6r4s imo my opinion were intorduced to appease a select few of the playerbase. Also, it was way for Kabam to generate money and we saw how true that was through the gifting event. It was readily available if you were willing to spend. Every content in the game atm can be done with 5r5, 6r2 and much easier by 6r3. Only content I see argue for 6r4s is Abyss but the question is: Is Abyss rewards consistent with 6r4s? Do you think those with multiple 6r4s care about Abyss rewards? I doubt it. We're quite a way from 7stars, or rather we should be quite a way
  • Skiddy212Skiddy212 Posts: 1,101 ★★★★
    Sorry, but I disagree this thread considering r4s are barely excess-able except behind a paywall
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,189 ★★★★★
    edited January 2022
    Maybe have 7-Star from a cut-off date and champs introduced after will have restricted rarities, 2-Star, 3-Star and 7-Star. No 4-Star, 5-Star and 6-Star version.

    Would this cause the MCOC world to flip?

    Maybe they will restrict Level 6 account from ever getting a 7-Star.
  • Easy fix and hey they can use a new game engine with …..

    A new game called MCOC 2.0

    (Don't give them that idea. They might use it to remake MROC)
  • Yuck reminds me if injustice 2 and I'm out
  • DiablordDiablord Posts: 500 ★★
    Maybe, evolved champs, like 5*s and 6*s can evolve at max rank and get special abilities, 5*s will get less powerfull abilites. Th abilities could be like +20% perfect block chance, +40% prowess potency, etc
  • ChobblyChobbly Posts: 745 ★★★
    As much as I have concerns over relics and how they affect the game, at this point I think the game needs to go sideways rather than further upwards. Otherwise, it may be too late to address the speed of the upwards churn. In some ways it's inevitable, but that's no reason to rush headlong into it.

    This might be contentious to some who want all the toys now, but Relics need to be introduced to the game in a phased fashion. I also think that limiting them to being assignable to only max rank champions would be a controlling factor.

    This would mean, for now, that the top limits for relic usage would be 5* characters. This should allow an easier introduction without breaking the end-game. It would mean that 5* champs for a good while yet still have a purpose.

    I'd also like to see two modes for each relic. One representing general use and one for specific use. If Captain America's shield was a relic, then it could provide X benefit to any character but Y benefit of it's attached to Captain America.
  • sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 142
    For God's sake, no 7*s. Instead would rather have a stable, working game to play. Being able to play without experiencing any bugs outweighs compensation/new content any day .
    It would also be great if we get new masteries we could tinker with. Those unknown masteries have coming soon for awhile now.
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