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Who are Febuary Buff Champs ?



  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 822 ★★★★
    Hmmm... So no buffs in February and a psycho man update in March if I'm reading this correct. Then we got the new buff program coming in. Seems interesting but we'll see how good/awful it is.
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 672 ★★★
    They killed the biggest draw in the game in my eyes. If the game’s broken and we shouldn’t do hard content, then what should we look forward to? Your upcoming tier list? A beta in 2 months? Wasn’t MROC a wake up call?
  • ŁŤÇŁŤÇ Posts: 350 ★★★

    What if there is no buff for February!

    Guess who turns out to be right
    I hoped you were wrong...
  • nolcuNnolcuN Posts: 158 ★★
  • RicoscoRicosco Posts: 142 ★★

    Ricosco said:

    Ricosco said:

    Hort4 said:

    Ricosco said:

    Ricosco said:

    Searmenis said:

    Ricosco said:

    Searmenis said:

    Phoenix overhaul or/and, a brand new Sigil Jean Grey would be awesome.

    Remove that sigil part and stop promoting to them that Paywalling champions is a good thing, bad enough they done it with scarlet witch, how many hundreds did it cost to get her as a 6*? Many many more to dupe her.

    Dark phoenix and Jean grey both need added to the game naturally.

    Well, since I pay for Sigil anyway, it will be nice to have something extra, especially if it's a favorite character of mine. Weapon X 6* is also behind a paywell, but noone s complaining.
    Nope weapon X was initially the reward for Legends runs, he was added to the gifting event, which isn't Paywalled, Padme got him for free from a seatin gift, I didn't pay anything over gifting and managed to get 120 GGC including 2 5* Kangs, so no he's not paywalled.
    I mean technically you're paying for it through potions and energy refills unless you're Brian Grant and you have a mountain of units and crystals in the stash. But they put the Legends program on hold for the time being so it's not really an issue anymore.
    Never paid for any of my units and many others that done legends runs saved units prior to the run, same as you can save all year for gifting and it's just down to RNG, that doesn't apply to Sigil Witch, you have to pay money to get her, no ifs buts or maybes, you want her you have to pay a lot of money, which is a ridiculous amount for any champ TBH
    How dare a company want to make money and give a unique champ as incentive on top of something they were already charging the same price for.
    Yeah because without it it's been barely worth the money,
    You literally get your money’s worth just with the units you get.

    75 units a week for 5 weeks = 375 total for £8.99. The £8.99 unit pack is 275 units.

    So it’s already worth more value than the unit store, everything else is a bonus on top of that, further proving that you get your money’s worth. You may not think it’s personally worth it for you, but it’s demonstrably worth it
    Firstly it's a monthly thing there's only 4 full weeks in a month, plus you really think 275 units is worth £9.99? (only apple get it cheaper) when you get 750 for £4.99.

    Its already progression based so why do Cav and TB players still get small energy refills, PHC shards, level 3 heals and basic gold crystals? Thats where the value decreases.

    Also look at the increases from UC-TB there's barely any improvement at all.

    Nowhere near worth a tenner a month.
    Yes it’s a monthly offer but you’re forgetting that means ~30 days. If you buy it on a Wednesday you get week 1, then you get week 2, 3 and 4, and then the following Monday it resets and you get your 5th week before your sigil expires on Wednesday. Obviously that’s a simplification but that’s what happens.

    And I’ll again refer you to my previous comment regarding personal worth. I’m not telling you you must think it’s worth it. I’m pointing out that the cost of it already exceeds comparably costing offers in the game that people buy.

    Value decreases by adding small items like small energy refills? That’s an odd definition of value. Sure PHC Crystal shards aren’t anything special or needed but it doesn’t decrease the value of it. If anything it’s negligible, but it would take an interesting argument to say it decreases the value.
    Yeah that works if your getting a one off, but if your subscribing month after month aiming to get the sigil witch there is no 'free week' that week Is the start of your next sigil.

    And yes it's a value decrease as it isn't increasing in line with progression demands, our solo objectives demand more energy, cav and TB Event quests cost more energy, so for a player on a lower level 5 energy is more valuable than it is to us, also we don't benefit from the 20% xp boost do we?

    Look at the way offers increase based on progression when it comes to cash deals etc, well that doesn't apply to the sigil.
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 672 ★★★
    All the summoners who said they’d wait 3 months for a Psycho-man tune up…said nobody
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★
    I want to make it clear that although the buff program brings me the most joy in this game, I will continue to play. We may not like the progress of the buff program that is presented but we have the right to choose to play less if the game becomes less enticing.

    Nothing has happened that completely alters the game. We’ll get our buffs. We just have to endure this downtime.

    Stay positive

  • KlyntarslayerKlyntarslayer Posts: 20
    Deadpool x forces psycho man, storm
  • KlyntarslayerKlyntarslayer Posts: 20
    I think
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