AW Titles

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I think that one of the biggest difficulties of alliance recruitment is believing the recruit can back up their talk. Now at the higher end of AW there's a lot of people who can vouch for each other and we all record our fights, though I don't think any of us ever send our bad ones across when we try to move alliance, so there's still an element of risk there.

I think that one of the best things that Kabam has done with AW is make war titles permanent from Masters+ and included things like the Masterful title which celebrates your longevity. I think that an excellent upgrade would simply be a title that says Season 31 Platinum 1, or Platinum 2, or whatever. If you could have this attached to your profile then you can build your credentials over time.

For example:
S1 - P2
S2 - P1
S3 - P1
S4 - P1
S5 - P4

You can see this person is pretty good in game but in Season 5 took a step back from AW, but in S6 if this player wanted to get back to serious AW they'd probably struggle because they'd be applying from a P4 alliance and might struggle to get more than a slot in a P2 alliance.



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