My update version 16.0

Now immune to shock damage.
When he is under a shock debuff he takes no damage and gains 25% power while debuff is active.
Swipe left and hold block for 4 sec and it activates REBARB. Rebarb makes Electro invisible for 10 sec and hits have a 75% chance to MISS. It has a 30 sec cool down time.

Ghost Rider.
Now immune to incenterate.
Each time an incenterate debuff is applied, it is removed and immediately converts into an additional judgement.

Now immune to incenterate damage as well.


Now causes bleed damage of 400 damage over 4 sec.
Bleed chance are a flat 60% chance when 3 buffs are active and increase by 10% for each addition buff added. 4 = 70% 5= 80% etc.


When Collosus has 2 armor ups or more stacked each special applies an armor break reducing opponents armor rating by 3000 for 5 secs.
Armor breaks do not stack.


Now immune to bleed damage.

Energy usage in quest.

For now on all spaces already explored will cost 0 energy. This will apply to monthly and permanent quests.

Add a ‘re-duel’ tab after each duel.


  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Cool the only thing is hulk is not immune to bleed more like a sort of resist I guess
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,092 ★★★
    Rebarb is absurd and hulk shouldn't be immune but resistant possibly
    Other ideas are cool tho
    Also add when opening 10 featured crystals a player is guaranteed a 4*
  • Hulk has the ability to heal wounds, so I don't know why he doesn't have regen. Even something similar to OML.
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 1,719 ★★★★
    Hey that would finally make my Ghost Rider useful!

    Apart from the re-duel button and Colossus or Angela ideas which aren't bad but need changes, I can't agree with anything else.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,929 ★★★★
    Invisible for 10 seconds?
    Are you out of your mind?
  • Xcrøss_TRXcrøss_TR Posts: 117
    edited October 2017
    Nice Ideas !
  • I like the idea for gr, dorm, and angela.

    Hulk should have reduced bleed similar to rogue (reduced timer).

    Electro Rebarb makes sense, but I think it should be like crossbones fury hold back to trigger. For the 10 sec, each hit electro makes places a shock that can stack up to 5, no stun. Similar to blade (bleed), a perfect parry should place a shock on the attacker.

    Collosus should place the armor break when a sp connects reducing 25% for sp1 for 10 sec, 50% for sp2 for 10 sec, and 60% armor break that remain throughout the remainder of the fight for sp3 similar to king groot sp1.
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