Featured Tech Spidy Kristall


Why Seatin wrote that the Chance ist higher at 7 November to get Gwenpool or Hyperion when u Go for the featured spidy Kristall ?

Isnt it so that in this Pool Are All Heros that was allready featured ?


  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 33
    I mean normaly u can Open them on 2 November because they Are there too
  • On Nov 7th, Hyperion, GP, Dorm and Hood will be added to basic pool. As of now, they are in the sub-featured pool which has a very low chance. Basic has a bit more chance than that so..
  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 33
    Are Basic Heros in the featured Kristall too or only the featured Hero with sub featured Heros
  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 751 ★★★
    Featured Crystals check to see if you got the Featured Champ. If not, they check to see if you will get a sub-featured (unreleased) champ. If no again, you get a champ from the basic pool.
  • JmoneysteckJmoneysteck Posts: 196
    learn some proper English for Christ's sake.
  • Mike_BMike_B Posts: 33
    Ok now extra for you Jmoney if you dont understand the question because of my english than i even dont Need a comment from you !

    To the others thx for your answers!

    @Amonthir i think its like Superman Said

    If you Go for the featured Kristall the Chance is Maybe 30% to get that Hero
    If you miss that there Will Be the next Chance to get a sub featured Hero For Maybe 10%
    If you will miss him than you will Get the Basic Heros 60%
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