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Use rank 2 gem on cmm or save it?

SmallTimeANTSmallTimeANT Posts: 216
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Just pulled her again to awaken her and I’ve been saving this generic gem for an absolute game changing 6*. Is the dupe enough for me to pull the trigger? I also have a r5 fury to pair with her.

Use rank 2 gem on cmm or save it? 34 votes

Use the gem
winterthurKuzuri_1832AdvANGRYEAGLEReaper2823PikoluTrafalgarwar96StevieManWonderDeaconRenaxqqGogiZan00casual0DracarusLBN1willrun4adonutMutantA___4444Mamu91_newdanteofdmc 19 votes
Save it
CyborgNinja135EgretM4Colonaut123DayneSilverDenzel116IvarTheBonelessEtjamaUvoginLpooodishika123RomeroKOrthoCresolLucifireHwjwjgsuiew882i2DarthGuacamole 15 votes
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