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Share your hauls from 7.4!(your friendly neighborhood brag post)



  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,626 ★★★★★
    No pics but:

    6* Mystic Gem - trash. Have all the mystics I use awakened already. Guess I could do Sorcerer but will hold

    Featured - awakened Vision. Eh. Fine but not great
    Basic - Surfer sig 180 to 200. Fine but not great.
    Nexus - Iceman sigs, Champion, or Doc Ock. Went Ock.

  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    Still need to explore. Not happy with another science 6* ag, it’s the only class I’ve gotten for awakening gems to date 🤦‍♂️.

  • TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,315 ★★★★★
    Just finished 7.4 exploration which also gave me act 7 exploration. Rated my happiness out of 10 on each one.

    3 featured 6* crystals: Nimrod awakening (10/10), Abomination sig levels (0/10), Punisher 2099 sig levels (0/10).

    5 6* Nexus crystals: Bishop awakening (3/10), Darkhawk sig levels (3/10), new Mangog (10/10), Green Goblin awakening (3/10), OG Thor awakening (10/10).

    6* Mystic Nexus: America Chavez awakening (0/10)

    6* AG crystal: Skill (5/10). Neutral on this one. Have all the important guys awakened, but a skill AG is always a good one to have saved for the future.

    6* R3-R4 gem: Mutant (10/10). Now I just have to decide between Kitty or Namor. Leaning towards Kitty seeing how heavily I used her (paired with Tigra and Ghost) throughout 7.4 exploration. Only reason I'm considering Namor is because he's a personal favorite.

    Good pulls far outweigh the trash ones imo. Overall, happy with the rewards.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,761 ★★★★★
    edited March 2022

    Results are Nexus (Medusa or sigs on Storm/Ock), featured and AG.

    Going to give AG to Guardian, but this one stings a little because the other 5 classes had some favorites I’d like to awaken (Nick, Kitty, Hypo/Herc, Doom, MrN).

    Not the worst by a good stretch, but also not quite enough to tempt me to go for that 10K unit offer.

    Dr. Zola
  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 1,007 ★★★★

    Had a lot of fun with the fight. IBom almost did a whole phase in one wounded (3%). Pulls were meh but need to look at venompool closer as first dupe. Gem for warlock or guardian.
    I’m 10k units down now and pondering who to r4 out of all my classes
  • QfuryQfury Posts: 1,860 ★★★★★

    First time awakening on all of them and couldn't be happier. Pulled a skill gem which I'll hoard until I pull fury... Man this was one of the best opening's I've ever had
  • ElMelloiElMelloi Posts: 101
    could've been better

  • KennyPLKennyPL Posts: 107
    OG Thor from nexus and Wasp from featured :'(
    Plus the only AG i didn't want, science. Why do i keep playing :cry:
    I bet, i'll get a tech r3->r4 after the explore.
  • Darkraw346Darkraw346 Posts: 1,209 ★★★★

  • willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 2,103 ★★★★★
    edited March 2022
    Don't want to show pics bragging to much of my 6* Abomination and IMIW. Just want to brag on this Nexus.

    I did get to awaken my Diablo with the 6* awakening gem.
  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,913 ★★★★★

  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,330 ★★★★
    Mutant awakening gem
    Sym supreme from nexus
    Yellowjacket from featured 6 star
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,651 ★★★

    How is Jubilee???
    You don't hear too much about her.
  • Killswitch01Killswitch01 Posts: 645 ★★★
    Pulled Man Thing from the nexus
    Pulled crossbones from a basic crystal
    And pulled this god from a featured and immediately took him to rank 3

    Got a 6* Science Awakening(Kinda disappointing since no one in my roster needs it)
  • Sw0rdMasterSw0rdMaster Posts: 1,595 ★★★★
    edited March 2022

    I went with AA & got OR from basic.

  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,913 ★★★★★
    @doctorb If you like 245k SP2s then she’s fun
  • Brad366Brad366 Posts: 24

    Pretty satisfied with my haul. Got a skill awakening and will probably use it on korg or kingpin
  • Strangecraft069Strangecraft069 Posts: 183

    Them: but omega is good
    Me (who doesn't has suicides unlocked): 😶😐😐🥲
  • Zeronaut81Zeronaut81 Posts: 288 ★★
    Pretty great haul:

    Doom from the nexus, Knull from a featured, and spider-Gwen from a regular crystal. Got a cosmic AG, I’m trying to decide if I should use it on Knull or wait to see if I ever pull Herc. All told, best lucky opening I’ve had
  • UvoginUvogin Posts: 345 ★★★

  • Strangecraft069Strangecraft069 Posts: 183
    Uvogin said:

    Nick and skill ag in same opening, can't be a better combo, congrats
  • MightyDMightyD Posts: 89
    Completion rewards
    Havok is a 2nd time duped and a roll over from doom -_-, went with annihilus for defense and battlegrounds and gonna save the cosmic ag for Hercules

  • firemoon712firemoon712 Posts: 524 ★★★
    6 star Warlock, 6 star Nightthrasher, formed a skill T5CC, 6 star science awakening gem, and the Nexus got me a 6 star Strife.
  • GuytennisGuytennis Posts: 420 ★★★

    Not the champions I was hoping for. Might awaken KG. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Nalak8Nalak8 Posts: 387 ★★★

    The other two 6* were dupe sabretooth and new iron fist. Saving the AG for AA when I pull him.

  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,626 ★★★★★

    Worst scenario possible with that Mystic Gem. couple it with the 6* mystic awakening gem and those resources were absolute busts. Mutant nexus was trash. First 2 basic nexus were trash. Awakening Starky was fantastic, and Dragon Man was cool.
  • spigwenderspigwender Posts: 471 ★★★
    Pulled Kitty Pryde FINALLY, took her to r4 with the gem, used generic awakening gem on her, took her to sig 135 (rest of the generic sigs went to Doom). Also pulled mole man, who will be my next rank 3. Chose cosmic for my nexus selector and pulled The Champion, which disappointed me, but the rest of my pills were so good it didn’t bother me too much. The rest of my nexus pulls were Mister Sinister dupe, namor dupe, and mysterio.
  • RicoShayRicoShay Posts: 213 ★★

    Glad I could take my #1 option to R4

  • JustwillJustwill Posts: 12

  • PolygonPolygon Posts: 2,735 ★★★★★

    Completion rewards went wellish. Duped Nimrod from a featured and duped Knull from the Nexus but then got a 2nd skill AG when I don't even need the first (Jabari only unduped skill). Exploration went less well. All the Nexus crystals were junk and got my least wanted class rankup gem, cosmic.

    Could have been worse and not had any options but that's a lot of stones into a champ I'm not super crazy about. Ah well, he'll help finish one of the Abyss challenges easier and get catalysts to rank someone I really want to.

    Can I ask why you r4’ed knull unless you got a cosmic gem (since you already had herc at r4). But even then you could’ve ranked corvus
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