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    Vinh225Vinh225 Posts: 164
    Who actually buys into these so-called 'offers'? We all know by now that these offers are complete ****. I'm just hoping for the day that everyone in the game realises this and not a single person spends a single penny on the game. I know it would never happen, but it's nice to dream about it.
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    abn86abn86 Posts: 107
    theblueman wrote: »
    Ive got a good idea, why don't people earn their way thru instead of buying your way through..seen so many buying their way with 4/5 5*s and 5/5 4*s and cant even use them worth a flip..maybe if people used their champs before they bought their way to the top tier they wouldn't look so ridiculous.

    This sounds good in theory, but you're basically saying that everyone should play the game for free. You can adjust it all you like but that's what you said. Okay, fine. So everyone plays for free now. How much longer you think this game is around?

    Nothing irritates me more than holier than thou f2p who find a way to exalt themselves because they play the "right" way. But right and wrong is subjective. The servers the game is housed on weren't free, neither is the bandwidth they need to deal with a game of this scale. I guess maybe the mods and devs work for free, right? So, if you know all that, and choose to play for free, is that really right? Perhaps you work for free, and all your amenities are paid for in well wishes.

    Okay, I put my soapbox back in the closet. This deal sucks, and I agree that they need to strongly reevaluate what they consider value. But they consistently put out **** deals because they can go back and say "not all deals apply to all people". For someone with a strong stable of 4* (and 5*) this deal is terrible, but for the guy/girl that picked up this game a week ago and got addicted to it? Maybe it's more appealing. It's really not, though. Can't reiterate that part enough.
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    Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    I think we all agree, the best way to lesson these types of offers is not to buy them. A T4CC for $10 is a great deal, I bought every one (except science) but a 3* for $20? Crazy
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    G0311G0311 Posts: 913 ★★★
    You do earn when you buy resources, i work hard and earn my money which i use to buy resources. Hahahahahahahahah
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