Gold 1, AQ 300Mil+ Looking for two

[AE!] The Alpha’s Elite is looking for two active players to join us asap and maybe one or two more after War season.

About us.
Gold 1 three War groups
AQ we are currently doing a combination of Map 5&6 in three Battle Groups with the goal of moving to only Map 6
AQ and AW are mandatory
Line is required
Most of us have been in the alliance for years but we have a few looking to retire.

Hit me up on line if you are interested in joining now or after War season.

My line ID is DeathsDragon



  • Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★
    edited May 2022
    Hi all we recently lost a member due to family related matters and need are currently looking for one new member. We have moved over to all Map 6 now and coming in at 440 Mill in AQ when we have a full roster, little low last week. Still sitting at Gold 1 in AW. Line is required please reach out If you are interested in joining us. Line ID: DeathsDragon
  • SgtDarthpool25SgtDarthpool25 Posts: 44
    I have an alt looking for a spot I just sent you a message on line hmu
  • Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★
    With the end of another season comes a time for departures and rotations. We are looking to add 2-3 players to the alliance, we now do Map 6/6/6 all days scoring over 400 mil and ranking in top 900. Gold 1 another season. Hit me up on line if interested DeathsDragon

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