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Do I have CapIW's Identity Wrong?

solopolosolopolo Posts: 883 ★★★
edited May 2022 in General Discussion
Upon r5ing my Cap I used him primarily as a oneshot nuke, tkaing out opponents with a single sp2, but I haven't used him at all in months and these days don't really see any use for him as a primary attacker unless it's for specifically countering a fight. Now that I'm dipping into the second half of Act 6 where majority of opponents have over 200k hp, his damage is awfully underwhelming and it can become very tedious to try setting up multiple sp2s, especially when pretty often you're not landing the crit, which is a large portion of his damage.

Right now the only reason I have for playing him is playing around with his synergies, or if he has a particularly good matchup into some mystic fights, but I don't see why people are hyping him up as such a great attacker, particularly in endgame content.

And yes, I've had him at max sig since r5ing him.


  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 792 ★★★
    The 4* version I remember got me through Act 5 with some massive Sp2 damage, and I remember at the time thinking he was one of the best [and at the time he probably was]. But after recently R5'ing my 5* I've felt very underwhelmed. He's not duped, maybe that's the reason, I don't know. I don't regret it though as he is, and always will be, the First Avenger! We don't trade lives!
  • Although I assume you already know this, but in case not (or just in general for newer players checking this out regarding his SP2)..

    Are you doing the Heavy-SP2 combo to get the added bonus of that Fury for his SP2 damage ?

    Start his Heavy. Follow it right away with his SP2 after just doing the first hit of his multi-hit Heavy.

    (if done while opponent is stunned from a Parry beforehand, they will still be stunned as you transition from Heavy to SP2)

    And, of course, with a high amount of his parry/block charges built up first.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,812 ★★★★★
    Stop focusing on his SP2. Cap isn't a one-trick pony. Cap always was, and remains, an absolute beast of a champion.

    He's got access to solid damage on his basic attacks, SP1 and SP3, as well; if you use Parry-Heavy as often as possible to keep his Kinetic charges, Armour Breaks and Fury effects active.

    Personally I find I get through most fights faster with that strategy, and multiple SP1s; than in trying to get the SP2 mega-damage. They don't make for such satisfying screenshots, but they get the job done.
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