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Why are mastery changes not free??

We pay a ridiculous amount of units to unlock the masteries in the first place, after that we have to pay to put them on and pay even more to change them?? It makes no sense. With the power snack and rise to power nodes in battlegrounds, I can’t play because with suicides I just lose every match and I’m not taking them off just to play battlegrounds and waste my units. Please make them free kabam.. it’s ridiculous.


  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 268
    Just introduce some kind of token in the store for 200 units or so that lets people swap masteries for free an unlimited number of times during a month

    This will keep some cost for mastery changes if Kabam is determined to make money off it however for those who change them a lot this would be a good value deal that they would happily purchase

    And that would motivate those who are hesitant about unlocking expensive recoil tree masteries to actually invest in them, spending thousands of units on cores.

    Win win
  • udyedagainudyedagain Posts: 1,337 ★★★★
    Never under why this QOL change hasn't been implemented, especially with battlegrounds now. I run suicides for arena but don't want to run them for AW defense or battlegrounds. Why won't kabam just open free masteries... its not game breaking
  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,550 ★★★★★
    Searmenis said:

    Why the day only has 24 hours? Why people grow old? What's the meaning of life?

    I believe the meaning is "42"
  • SaltygoodnessSaltygoodness Posts: 268
    I feel like Kabam has no idea what to do about mastery changes.

    On the one hand they introduce new champs that are suicide friendly (bleed resistance/ poison resistance/ reduced recoil damage etc etc) and expect it to be one of their attractions / selling points. All the best new champs has some kind of compatibility with suicides.

    On the other hand they keep the cost of cores very high and even with everything unlocked there’s also the cost of switching.

    Like you can’t remove 1-2 points, you need to reset the whole tab.

    And there is no way to avoid resetting them.

    Even without considering war defense there are battlegrounds, nodes in monthly quests (and war) with heal block, eternity of pain fights and so on. Actively preventing the use of champs with suicide masteries.

    So you need to switch on and off or not even bother at all, keep regular masteries all the time.

    So if they don’t want people to run suicides why introduce suicide friendly champs. For arenas?

    If they made mastery changes cheaper people would spend on cores more.
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