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So this has become the norm in AW of late.... Get matched up against a stronger alliance, both clear 100% of the maps, both have perfect diversity but the alliance with the higher defender rating gets a few extra points which in effect acts as a tie breaker but the team who had more skill and "die" less isn't rewarded.... My understanding was that the reason to remove defender kills was to and I quote:

"The goal of this change was to encourage Summoners to continue their assault on the opposing Alliance, without having to worry about giving them more points, and to avoid that feeling of defeat after only trying one fight and being beaten"

So what you've done now is just garuanteed the result but put it off till after the war which most of us are finding EVEN MORE frustrating?!? Honestly, please tell us what is the point in trying when you come up against a higher rated alliance? Wars in many cases are just becoming more and more futile...

Kabam, is this really what you set out to achieve? Functioning as intended?


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    I miss defender kills. Sorry if some people have hurt feelings when they die. Its a game if you can’t handle hurt feelings here you are so much in big trouble in the real world:)
  • I have always been given a pre determined scripted response on how their matching system is supposed to work but, not once have i gotten an answer on why defender rating is even considered. It will always favor the higher rated alliance. So like you said its a predetermined mechanic that doesnt balance, it gives more points to the higher alliance, regardless of matchup. The only logical way ive seen to counter this is throw diversity right out the window since some champs are made for war defense, others for attack, and some dont even belong in the war. (Captain America classic, Kamala Khan) Just to name a couple. Basicly have to lobsidedly smash your side of the scale so that you hopefully run the other team out of revives before they get to the boss.

    The problem has never been the nodes, or the war map, its the fact that some champs just outright suck for war and every person is based on an RNG system to get champions. War is basicly roulette, hope the system lands in your favor.
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    Not defending their business decisions, but enticing newer players (cause it's always about user growth!) who can't clear a map 100% to buy pots and revives so they can feel like winners to even compelling intermediate players to buy special deals to rank up their defenders so they can be more competitive is a sound business pitch to corporate types. With the roll out of all this new November content and material it's even more obvious they're all in on just cranking out new new new and slapping patch jobs on yesterday's junk (AW). Again, not defending it but pointing out the obvious.
  • Yea this AW is screwed up it takes all the skill out of it if an the diversity aspect is straight trash as well if they cnt beat a champ thats on them kabam ur forcing ppl to rearrange who they rank cus of it an messing up defenses u should give rank down tickets cus alot of ppl have champs they ranked up 2 5/50 but cnt place them cus of diversity wtf an now we have to rank heroes we wouldnt even waste resources on an who r useless SMFH

  • Kabam logic is so poor haha.
    The most hurt my feelings are actually when i open a 5* featured crystal and donot get that champ.. So according to that logic, i should get respins until i get a champ that i like, or my feelings would stay hurt. Lol.
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    Stop crying just delete your game
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    Zabir wrote: »
    Stop crying just delete your game

    A forum is a place to discuss ideas and opinions. If you don't agree, feel free to give an alternate opinion... failing that, I'd respectfully suggest you keep your unamusing comments to yourself...
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