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I’ll preface this by saying that I’m very happy that R4 materials are starting to trickle into the side quests. The thing that I’m not especially happy with is the relative value of AW rewards compared to the side quests.

This is the reward for this month’s side quest in T3A/T6B:

And this is a shot of the current rewards for finishing between top 10 masters and P1.

To be able to match this month’s loot you have to finish in the top 10 alliances in AW, after having fought through 12 hard wars against other top tier alliances - we fought most of the top 10 this season. This doesn’t seem to really add up when all you have to do is a couple of quick quests that while not being autofight levels of difficulty don’t really require much in the way of thought or effort.

If you aren’t in one of these elite alliances vying for the top positions and fall into P2 or then it’s going to take you nigh on 4 months for an equivalent amount of frags.

This is something that really needs looking at. Why can’t AW get regular tune ups to loot every other season along with tactics to reflect the changing economy and recognition of the effort put in by players at all levels?
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    Yeah, I've thought that the SQ r4 rewards have been quite whacky ever since they began. It's nice that they are there for basically zero effort, but they really throw a wrench in so many other rewards that require a lot more effort. This month, you get 18k of r4 materials (9k + 9k), which is more or less equivalent to what you get from exploring 7.3 or 7.4. And as you said, you have the same problem in AW.

    R4 resources are seemingly both incredibly rare and mindbogglingly easy to collect. I think this is something that Kabam should look into. I'm not saying nerf the SQ rewards - I like them! - but make other types of content as valuable to complete as the monthly SQ grind.
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