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Add a "Claim Crystal" button on home screen for Daily crystals

WhyMe1984WhyMe1984 Posts: 63
edited July 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
It would be helpful if you all could add a claim crystal button to the home screen for the daily crystals and the 4hr ones... or at least have the "claim" button that is now present not send you to the crystal opening screen.... because that's the same as what the open crystal button does, so it's kind of redundant... hope you all see this, have a good day!


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    ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 2,712 ★★★★★

    If there is one "Ready", you click on that and you get it already.
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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,573 Guardian
    edited July 2022
    There’s a difference between Claiming, and then Opening.

    CLAIM button on Home Screen just does the Claim (of just the 4-Hour one if both of the 2 crystals are now available). And then takes you to Crystals screen. Once there just back out to Home Screen again.
    If both crystals were available, the CLAIM button will still be available to Claim the Daily crystal (and then takes you to Crystals screen again).

    You don’t need to Open the crystals, Claiming from Home Screen and then jumping to something else just lets the unopened (but claimed) crystals accumulate in count over days and days until you want to open them.

    (Note) and you can tell which of the 2 crystals the Claim is taking you to because the 4-Hour one is Green, and the Daily one is Orange.


    I do have a beef with a change that happened some time ago. Priority from Home Screen used to be the DAILY Crystal first (for Claiming). If you hit CLAIM and it took you to Daily crystal, you knew that most likely there was also the 4-Hour crystal available to Claim as well. So you knew to jump back to Home right away and repeat it.
    After changes due to an earlier bug with Crystal Ordering, the 4-Hour crystal now takes priority from Home Screen. So we’re doing unnecessary steps to go back to Home again to see if Daily was also there (most of the time it is not available yet). Before the bug/changes, you used to know it right away and didn’t need to take this extra step if it was just the 4-Hour one only.

    Unless that is what you want, to have 2 separate Claim buttons on Home Screen ??
    Or maybe to just have the one button automatically apply a Claim to both crystals with a single stroke (which would actually be nice) ?
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    WhyMe1984WhyMe1984 Posts: 63
    I understand what you all are saying ... but what I'm asking for is a Claim Crystal button that doesn't take you away from the home screen... like when you have a daily card available to collect you can just collect it from the home screen.
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