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Alliance Matchmaking Imbalance

Their members average 1.4mil BHR. We only have one member with 1.4 mil rating lol. Please fix the matches we make, our alliance is gonna get crushed completely this war. Send us to bronze 3 if you must but i just wanna have winnable wars that are even on both sides.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,236 Guardian
    edited July 2022
    You both are fairly new alliances, and started at ZERO for War Rating.
    In order for big/strong new ones to advance out of the starting gate, they have to play “someone”.
    And if Kabam only matches them against other new/strong alliances then some of them (new but strong) will perpetually always be stuck in the basement.

    You won’t always get such a mismatch, and when you don’t you will have a chance to move up.

    And if you notice, you don’t actually take much of a hit to your War Rating when losing such a mismatch (see your very small “negative” change value for losing).

    As prior person said, matches are based on War Rating (not strength of alliance members)
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