AW Leaderboard is incomplete

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Has anyone noticed that the AW Leaderboard isn't viewed correctly atm?
As far as I know Gold 3 and Silver 1 should both have 1500 places. I can only see 501 to 1256 in Silver 1 and 1 to 1000 in Gold 3.
The upper Tiers are incomplete, too.

Do others see this as well?

I mean we know that AW is currently bugged, because there are several Threads about the wrong war ratings from war 2 on... We are affected by that as well. Kabam is aware about it and is currently investigating it.... but I just realize that the leaderboard seems to have an issue as well.

Is it just me or is your Leaderboard incomplete, too?


  • Leaderboard has only been able to show you (in it's scrolling view window) a subset of how many alliances really make up that whole Medallion Rank range.

    Surprised however that you were able to scroll thru 1000 places in Gold 3. I’m pretty sure that the scrolling view was limited to only 500 alliances in each Rank (surrounding what your own position is within that same Rank, or starting from #1 in a Rank that is other than what you are in).
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    Well, last season (and all the seasons before) I was able to see all places in every rank. Of course you had to select the Rank and then you could see all participants.

    Currently we are in Silver1 and we definately were able to see all Silver1 Alliances. We are currently on place 507 and I'm no longer able to see which number of points place 1 of Silver1 has. It's the way I tracked our improvement over the last seasons. (The difference of points to the first or the last place of our bracket.

    Sometimes the places within a rank are really narrow regarding the points and somtimes the differences in points are bigger. Therefore I found it more accurate to track our points in comparison to the first or last place of our Rank.

    At the top there is a "Drop-Down-Field" where you can select the different Brackets like Gold3, Platinum or the Master Ranks. When you select a different Bracket then the Leaderboard switches to the alliances & ranks within that bracket.

    But yes you are right it is preset to the bracket your alliance is part of. So usually you see your own bracket.
  • Yes, I know there is the drop down to select other Tiers from your own (Platinum 1, Gold 1, Silver, etc).

    I'm saying that when I select a different one from our own, I would only be able to scroll thru it from the top #1 in that Tier down to about 500 alliances in that Tier. Even though the Tier itself may have 1500 alliances in it.

    Just tried again, and it does seem to operate a little different from some seasons a while ago. Still only top 500 in each Tier outside your own. But now in your own Tier (we are in Gold-3 in the 600’s) I can see all the way from #1 in our Tier, down to us and continuing down to #1000.

    But definitely Gold-2 and Silver-1 still both showing only top 500 in each of those on my system.
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    Okay, I see. Well, thanks for explaining it further.

    In the end it would not be suprising if the leaderboard isn't in its usual state when there is a bug in the rank points distribution as well. We will see if everything changes again when they figured out the bug there.

    Anyway it will be a "unusual" AW season again.
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