What’s YOUR tip for the contest?

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Now that the game is getting closer to EIGHT years old. I thought it would be fun if the community all showed off their tip/tips for the contest.

These tips can be anything from helpful advice to unique game interactions not many know of.

I’ll start:

1. Use auto fight to go across direct teleportation paths. This is helpful because it allows you to move in one tap instead of three.

2. Nick/Quake evade synergy with counter-attack champions. Allows each evade to act as a counter attack.

Now your turn! What are some insights you can spread throughout the contest?


  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 931 ★★★★
    there is an amount of actually grinding that is a must, players who played 2-5 years know the struggle. a week of dedicated play a month was needed before spending and these big deals were released.
    keep masteries updated and only use free units to buy cores
  • BlôdletterBlôdletter Posts: 442 ★★★
    If you have an option, don't be a meta slave and don't spend your best resources on a
    "best" possible champ, just because (s)he is well known as top tier.
    Pick a champion, which is not that far behind, but whom you like using. You will find yourself using that champion a lot more.
  • HamoBlamo51HamoBlamo51 Posts: 235
    Some Champions are immune to bleed
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,623 ★★★★
    Buy featureds and see if you get my obsession
  • Rides21Rides21 Posts: 6
    Auto play 30 for cats, auto play 50 for cats, request help.

    3.2.4 on repeat.

    Level up, arena, EQ, Hero use.
    Level up easiest to get 1-10%.

    Herc against everything that ain’t purple
  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 2,419 ★★★★★
    Play with the champions, not with the words.
  • SammyDeSammyDe Posts: 324
    Set a 4 hour timer and collect your free crystals. Save enough and you can beat the grandmaster without using units (800 crystals though).
    Do some research before you do some hard content. MCOC Noob and MCOCguideBlog for example. Read the nodes before you do difficult fights.
    Join an alliance and get those sweet, sweet AW and AQ rewards. Don’t need to be MVP or join a high tier one, just one that you are comfortable with.
    Do some arena or do a lot of arenas, as needed.
    Do monthly event quests and side quests as they are available for a limited amount of time.
    Don’t let your overflow items expire, sell them for gold.

    I started 13 months ago and now I am Thronebreaker, in case you are wondering.
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 2,487 ★★★★
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    Biggest possible tip ever.grind the game not the forum
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 2,487 ★★★★
    2nd biggest tip . There no gold shortage your just unwilling to grind the places for it
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,102 ★★★★★
    I think joining an alliance that you're comfortable with is one of the main pieces of advice I can give people. Not only does that give you people you can chat with and ask for advice, you also get access to a lot more content. There are plenty of chill alliances out there that can help you grow your roster.
  • DoosraDoosra Posts: 359 ★★★
    SammyDe said:

    I started 13 months ago and now I am Thronebreaker, in case you are wondering.

    Why did it take that much time?
  • SammyDeSammyDe Posts: 324
    I would had waited even longer because I was hoarding my 4 hr crystals and then the 4/7 deal came. Thought I will try and push for TB to get those sweet, sweet deals (I was 5k unit short on the 10k deal in the end).
    I was happy to be uncollected, excited to become cavalier and probably just relieved to survive the grandmaster. Have to say my skill gap was horribly exposed by him…
  • NockoNocko Posts: 1,366 ★★★★
    in this game players must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!
  • Avi146Avi146 Posts: 313 ★★
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    Don’t follow tier lists
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