We’ve talked about who has the longest heavy reach in the game, but who has the shortest?



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    AyrusSethAyrusSeth Posts: 79
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    Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 2,182 ★★★★★
    What's funny is that it's some the biggest champs that have the shortest reach..yet some of the smallest have twice that distance and are harder to interrupt like the somersaulters. Clearly a design choice.
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    TheBlindSalmonTheBlindSalmon Posts: 73
    People talking about Mr Fantastic and nobody even mentions that the guy who can stretch his body to insane lengths can barely extend his leg for maybe 20 cm for his heavy attack. Out of all the champs in the game, one of the shortest reaching heavies is on a man who can stretch.
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    PapaMidnite007PapaMidnite007 Posts: 1,622 ★★★★
    Drax because I can't see
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